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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Officially blog happy new year!!

Here's my blog officially saying Happy New year right before the next day comes(which where in my country school starts)! So here's a picture for all of my blog fans!

So, basically, this picture reveals that I will putting up a bunch of my Hero Factory MOCs that I made(well you can see on the left side there's a bunch of Hero Factory MOCs, and at Elder sister penguin's left is another Hero Factory MOC with a mix of Bionicle parts, so you could say that is also a representative of Bionicle MOCs, because I've yet to show 6 that I've built, took a picture of, and disassembled them for other things). Also, there's a chima character that I made called 'Evar' standing at the left side of the Lego letters which read "BYE 2013, HI 2014". Well, he's mentioned in 3 of my 2013 blog posts, and I never really posted an entire post about him alone. Basically, he was my chima online closed beta character(you can't make custom names) and all I remember was that the first part of his name is 'eerie' in chima online. Don't ask why I chose eerie in that game, I just didn't know the meaning of this word at that time(which was last year around the June holidays). So, as per what Google says, it says that 'eerie' means 'strange and frightening' which is absolutely not what I'm looking for in Evar. Maybe I'll choose a better name if I ever get access to chima online in my country again. *Sigh* But anyways let's get back to the happy stuff! :D And with the appearance of Evar that also means more chima MOCs! Also, the red ninja on the brown and orange dragon is Mike from my Ninjago story series: The greater weapons of power! The dragon is also the dragon from that said series as well! And as for my penguin... well, she is my beloved soft toy and I put her in almost all of the pictures involving the blog overall. :P So, I guess hopefully I can put up some normal soft toys talkings and soft toy book chats... it's been, like, 3 months since I posted one(well it would be 4 if you immediately count 1st Jan as another month done already). Well, anyway, happy new year, bye 2013, hi 2014 and look forward to more stuff coming up on the Ace Swan blog! :D

Written by Lynn

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