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Friday, January 3, 2014

Lego Bionicle Glatorian MOC: Feroz

Here's my Lego Bionicle MOC, Feroz!(this word means fierce in another language. Forgot what it was and I used google translate for his name) Here are 2 pictures of it.

Front view(both lower legs have the wide black armour piece, JSYK, since the picture doesn't show that clearly)

Back view
Here's his profile.
Tribe: Rock Tribe(he's a skrall)
Type: Elite Skrall
Personality: Unlike other skrall, Feroz treats doesn't treat other Glatorian badly or with little to no respect. Like most skrall, he wants glory. He is also a brutal elite warrior, and is also quite smart.
Status: Alive
Weapons: Double bladed staff, a riffle, Thronax Launcher and a gun that shoots out lasers
Background: Feroz was a very strong elite skrall and was probably close to the power of Striker(the mysterious skrall warrior).
Feroz, like most of the skrall, fought in the core war under the Elemental lord of Rock and had caused all of Mizu's group of water glatorians severely injured. After the Shattering, like most skrall, he had ended up on Bara magna and went to the northern parts of that island.
Not much was known of Feroz when he was at North, but it was known that Feroz had saved one of the skrall warriors from a shape shifting Baterra, nearly sacrificing his life for that warrior and also scared the Baterra away, and was granted the name, Feroz. He also promised him that he will get an elite warrior position once they migrate south and have established a tribe. Indeed, Tuma kept his promise. However, when Tuma wanted power and wanted to take over Bara Magna, Feroz was mad. He thought they would just be an ordinary tribe, but instead Tuma wanted to take over Bara Magna. He had prayed hard for the day Tuma would be defeated and destroyed, and the day did come. He was happy. He could finally take control of his own life and became a loner since. He could finally participate in the great tournaments. When he entered it, he had a winning streak thanks to a move he invented, called "Unconscious strike", which, when hit at the correct part of an enemy, it will cause him/her to be unconscious for more than 10 seconds, which lets him be able to win. However, this strike will never cause any actual injury(surprising) and will not kill the opponent. With this move, he is hard to defeat on the arenas, but you definitely not want to mess with him when he has even more surprises up on his sleeves, whether it be ambushes, enemies, sneak-up-from-the-back-attacks etc. Like most glatorian, he now currently lives in the newly formed Spherus Magna.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this bionicle MOC!

Written by Lynn

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