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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lego Bionicle Glatorian MOC: Mizu

Here's my Lego bionicle MOC, Mizu!(Japanese for water, but the actual character itself is actually the same character for chinese that means water[水] and I used google translate for his name) Here are 2 pictures of him.

Front view

Back view
Here's his profile.
Tribe: Water
Type: Warrior
Personality: A calm and cool guy, Mizu acts calmly even in situations of distress. He is also a cool head, not one who gets angry easily. A loner, he doesn't enjoy working as a team member with others and prefers fighting alone, like Amos Swordman. However, he does like to be leader when he's in a team, like in the core war when he was a leader of a small group of water tribe Glatorians. Although, he is one that does not accept failure from himself or his own fellow warriors, as shown with his lost in his battle between Feroz and himself.
Status: Alive
Weapon(s): Scythe, though he may be sometimes seen with a thornax launcher, it's usually uncommon to see him use that weapon
Background: Mizu was a warrior that arose from the water tribe, and also has winning streaks when it comes to fighting other tribe's warriors, with an exception of Feroz.
Mizu, like most of the other tribe's warriors, fought in the Core War under the Element Lord of Water and once fought with Feroz's army, but his group of glatorians were severely injured thanks to the attacks of Feroz. After the Shattering, he ended up on Bara Magna like most warriors.
After the Glatorian system was made, Tarix, Kiina and Mizu were commonly sent to get the resources that they are fighting over and these 3 glatorian have great winning streaks. However, once, when Mizu was sent to fight Feroz, Mizu shivered in fear because he had met Feroz before in the core war, and knew he was a very strong warrior, since Feroz himself had beaten up all of Mizu's group's glatorian warriors, without his team helping out. Upon the thought of that, he ended up staring into space and caused Feroz to have a chance to strike him, which caused the water tribe to lose to the rock tribe. The rock tribe soldiers and Agori cheered upon the winning of Feroz. Angered, Mizu swore to defeat him on his next battle, but for some reason, he can't seem to ever make it to his goal. Other than Feroz, he has defeated other tribes' glatorian, and also defeated lots of skrall, despite Skrall being usually stronger and faster than average glatorian. Mizu also participated in defeating the evil skrall once and for all with other glatorian like their prime glatorian, Tarix, which Tuma and the Makuta Teridax were taken down for good. Mizu also now currently lives in the newly formed Spherus Magna.
That's it for now I hoped you like this MOC!
Fun facts:
The 'helmet' I used for this MOC is actually Bruizer's head piece... thingy, placed on a glatorian/breakout head.(The ones with the face printing) Come to think of it, it looks great!
I actually intended for this character to be an undercover skrall in the water tribe, but I decided against that since he has most of the water tribe colour scheme.

Written by Lynn

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