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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Soft toys talking exclusive: Bearwoman anger

Here's another soft toys talking exclusive after a month!
Elder sister penguin: Where's Lamb?
Lamb: I am doing my Lingish homework.
Elder sister penguin: What is Lingish? :S
Lamb: Lamb version of English.
Elder sister penguin: Oh.
Lamb: Then do you learn Pingish?
Duckie: We don't have pingish, dongish, bingish, dingish whatsoever.
A few minutes later...
Elder sister penguin: I'm so bored!
Lamb: I'm not bored. I'm playing with Heart Bear, Cottonsocks and Jing Lu(Jing Lu actually means Giraffe in Chinese, adding in a Chang at the front).
Elder sister penguin: So good...
Harmony Bear: *Sees my drawing* Owner! Why is your drawing of me so ugly?!
Me: Sorry Harmony Bear, it's just that I don't know how to draw you.
Harmony Bear: Then what do you still draw me for? You don't even know how to draw me!
Me: Didn't I say sorry?
Harmony Bear: >_<
Lamb: Harmony Bear seems like she's very angry, Miss Lynn!
Me: Typical woman. Don't want people to make them seem ugly.
Harmony Bear: You're still adding insult to injury?! >:(
Lamb: But Miss Lynn, Harmony Bear is a bearwoman, not woman!
Duckie: *Puts wing over Harmony Bear* Oh my wife, don't get mad.
Me @ Lamb: You're so funny. :'D
Lamb: I'm not funny, but Harmony Bear really IS a bearwoman!
Harmony Bear: I'M NOT A BEARWOMAN!!!!!! >_<
Duckie: Oh no... You see...
Elder sister penguin: Owner, aren't you the same? You also don't like people to draw you until you look so ugly!
Lamb on Lamb news: Welcome to Lamb News! My name is Lamb Koh, and I'm the reporter for Lamb news today. Today, we have a bear from Soft toy land named Harmony Bear that I named "Bearwoman"! And as a reporter I'm going to Harmony Bear's house now. Thank you for watching the Lamb news.
Me: Yes yes, so what? You're also like that.
Elder sister penguin: Yes
Harmony Bear: Let me say this for the last time, I'M NOT A BEARWOMAN!!!!! >_<
Lamb: Wow! My recording got 100 pageviews in a minute! I'm famous!
Harmony Bear: *explodes*
Duckie: Uh oh...... RRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! SHE WILL BE IN HER SUPER POTENTIAL FORM!!!!!!!!! *Flies off at the speed of lightning*
Elder sister penguin: Why did you leave so quickly?! Take me there!
Lamb: Take me there too!
Jing Lu: I didn't know Harmony Bear was... erm... I ain't that strong in Chinese(This sentence was originally in chinese).
Harmony Bear: *Turns into super potential form, with green eyes, green nose and green on the heart shape part of her feet and the rest of her body is brown*(Green and brown is the colour for Harmony Bear in her super potential form)LAMB! I WILL TRAP YOU IN THE POWER OF MY EARTH FOR KEEP CALLING ME A BEARWOMAN! I'M A WOMAN!!!!!!!!! *Blasts earth rocks at Lamb*
Duckie: No! *Flies to shocked Lamb and pushes him away from the area*
Cottonsocks: What is happening and what in the world is bearwoman? So confusing... *faints*
Elder sister penguin: Don't let your emotions get the best of you, Harmony Bear! 
Super potential Harmony Bear: *Hurls a rock at Elder Sister Penguin* 
Elder sister penguin: Woah! *Dodges the rock* Erm, Cottonsocks, DON'T SAY THAT- 
Super potential Harmony Bear: YOU CALLED ME A BEARWOMAN!!! *Hurls a rock at Cottonsocks*
Cottonsocks: I didn't! AHHHH!!!
Duckie: Not another one! *Flies to Cottonsocks and brings him to safety*
Doggy: What is bearwo- oh, I shouldn't say that. Phew!
Super potential Harmony Bear: *Fires rocks continuously at Lamb and Cottonsocks* 
Elder sister penguin: Phew! That was close!
Heart Bear @ Lamb news: Hello, I am Heart Bear the reporter for Lamb News today. Now, because of someone called Harmony Bear a Bearwoman, Harmony Bear is throwing rocks at Cottonsocks and Lamb. See it to believe it! Thank you for watching the Lamb News.
Duckie: I guess there's only one way... ELDER SISTER PENGUIN! GET ME A SUPER POTENTIAL DRINK!
Elder sister penguin: Are you sure?! 
Elder sister penguin: Yes sirry! *Runs to The Ninjago super potential tournament stadium and buys a super potential drink. Then, she zooms back to where Duckie is and gives him the drink* 
Duckie: *Looks at drink* Sorry Harmony Bear... *Drinks super potential drink and turns into a state similar to Harmony Bear, except he has yellow eyes and the rest of his body is blue. However, there's a tint of yellow on his left feet and on the left part of his beak* STOP YOUR CHAOS HARMONY BEAR! *Destroys all of the hurled rocks with lightning*
Everyone except Duckie and Harmony Bear: Duckie is our saviour! Duckie is our saviour!
*Duckie and Harmony Bear starts fighting* 
Elder sister penguin: *Prays hard that they will not be severely injured after returning to normal*
Lamb: No!!!! Fighting movie!!!! 
Jing Lu: Mummy Acke says I cannot watch fighting movies!!! Waaaaaaa!!! *cries*
Elder sister penguin: It's not a movie, silly! It's a real fight! O_O
Jing Lu: *cries even more*
Elder sister penguin: Erm... I'd suggest you go back before your mum finds out. 
*Duckie and Harmony Bear is still fighting with all sorts of moves available in super potential*
Jing Lu: Waaaaaaaa!!!!
Heart Bear: I better take Jing Lu back to Lambapore. Bye!
Penguin jie jie: Bye... *Continues praying*
Narmony Bear: *suddenly appears in front of everyone" My name is Narmony bear, I saw Lamb news and heard about the bearwoman case. Where is Harmony Bear now?
Lamb: Who is this Narmony bear and where are you from?

Super potential Harmony Bear: YOU CALLED ME A BEARWOMAN! *Hurls rocks at Narmony Bear* 
Super potential Duckie: *Zaps the rocks* 
Super potential Harmony Bear: Hey! *Hurls rocks* 
Super potential Duckie: *Zaps rocks* No, please, stop! I don't want to fight you! I love you! 
Super potential Harmony Bear: *Still hurls rocks* *The action keeps repeating* 
Narmony Bear: Well, as if I care. *Pulls a potion out of his cloak and turns into super potential, which makes him a slightly darker shading of Harmony Bear's super potential colours, but with the brown colour almost as dark as black*(Narmony Bear's gender is opposite of Harmony Bear's and in where he lives, he's actually quite mysterious, and no one knows where on earth does he get so many potions for his usage)
Lamb: What is this now? Is it a... 
Doggy: Bearwoman fight? 
Lamb: NO!!!! DOGGY YOU SAID IT!!!! 
Doggy: Said what? 
Lamb: I CAN'T SAY IT!!!
Super potential Harmony Bear: *Hurls rocks at Doggy* 
Super potential Duckie: *face palms in the air* Doggy! You have to flee for your life! You just said the word she's very sensitive to! I can't save you because I'll electrocute you if I do touch your body!
Doggy: *runs as fast as he could carry his legs* But what's the word?
Everyone except Harmony Bear and Doggy: Bbbb....

Narmony Bear: *Hurls a rock at Harmony Bear and the rock hits her*
Harmony Bear: Ouch! DON'T INTERFERE WITH MY BUSINESS!!! *Hurls double the amount of rocks hitting Doggy at Narmony Bear* 
Narmony Bear: Ah, easy peasy. *Pulls another device out and forms a shield in front of him, blocking Harmony Bear's attacks*
Elder sister penguin: Doggy! No one can say that word out loud or else she'll hurl you with rocks! No one's wanting to get hurt here!
Doggy: Is it me referring to harmony bear as a bearwoman?
Elder sister penguin: Not again... and to answer your question, yes. Harmony Bear: *Hurls the same number of rocks she hurled at Narmony Bear at Doggy* Elder sister penguin, you agreed with Doggy that I am a bearwoman!!!! GRRRRR!!!!! *Hurls rocks at Elder sister penguin* 
Lamb: NO!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!
Elder sister penguin: No worries! *Puts up a Ice umbrella and it blocks all of the rocks* Harmony Bear I did NOT agree with Doggy that you're that B word!
Harmony Bear: Yes you did! 
Elder sister penguin: NO. I. DIDN'T!!
Narmony Bear: *Still floating in the air* Apparently changing that word to B word doesn't work either. She knows what you're saying.
Lamb: *Looks at the sky* Oh I think it is going to rain...
Heart Bear: *Heart Bear comes back and points to the ceiling* There is a hole in the ceiling! *Rain starts flowing down the house n the house is half flooded*
Harmony Bear: YOU STILL DARE?! *Hurls even more rocks at Narmony Bear*
*All of the soft toys except Narmony Bear, Harmony Bear, Duckie and Elder sister penguin go into Elder sister penguin's house*
Elder sister penguin: Uh oh, rain! *Runs into her house*
Harmony Bear: No! The rain is making my skirt dirty! *Runs into the house and drags Duckie and Narmony Bear there too*
Duckie: Yes! My lightning powers are enhanced with wate-woah! *Gets dragged into the house by Harmony Bear* (Thinking: Come on...) 
Narmony Bear: *Just lets Harmony Bear pull him in, but he takes out another potion which he purposely drops, teleporting him out of Harmony Bear's hands* 
Duckie: (Thinking: Hey! Where did that Narmony Bear go?! I want his inventions and I want that teleporting potion thingy!) *Duckie teleports into Lambapore and meets Jing Lu and Doggy*
Doggy: Hey! Why are you here?
Jing Lu: Come Duckie! Tell us what happened! And Doggy wants to know if that word is bearwoman!
Duckie: Yes, but now I gotta go back. *Disappears into lightning 
Jing Lu: Woah! What an amazing duck!
Doggy: He should be the number 1 teleporting duck in the world!
*Meanwhile at the fighting situation...*
Harmony Bear: You guys are coming with *turns head* m- Hey! Where did both soft toys go?

Duckie: *reappears in Harmony Bear's hands and zaps Harmony Bear while she was distracted* 
Harmony Bear: *Becomes unconscious* 
Duckie: Sorry Harmony Bear... it's the only way to keep you still... Elder sister penguin! Buy 2 bottles of anti super potential drink! 
Elder sister penguin: B-b-but it's raining!
Duckie: I need it ASAP! 
Elder sister penguin: Okay... *Wears her raincoat and goes to the Ninjago Super potential stadium and buys 2 anti super potential drinks and zooms back to Duckie.* Here *pant* you *pant* go. *faints* 
Duckie: Thanks! *Feeds Harmony Bear the drink before drinking the drink himself.* 
Harmony Bear: Urgh... what happened? 
Elder sister penguin: You went into a rage mode and turned into your super potential... well... sort off... 
Harmony Bear: Why? 
Elder sister penguin: Because you are sensitive to a word that all of us dare not ever say. 
Harmony Bear: And that word is? 
Elder sister penguin: I'm not telling you. 
Harmony Bear: Ain't I'm not telling you 4 words? 
Elder sister penguin: No that wasn't the- wait that was sarcasm, wasn't it? 
Harmony Bear: Yes. *Everyone starts laughing*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Heart Bear(my best friend's soft toy)

(Pictures of Lamb, Cottonsocks, Jing Lu and Doggy are at
(Narmony Bear is just basically a black coloured Harmony Bear and has the smiley face on the flower replaced by an evil smile. The flower petals are red, Narmony Bear usually has a cloak over him and also, Narmony Bear usually has an evil grin on his face, unlike Harmony Bear who has a bright smile.)
That's it for now and I hoped you like this soft toys talking exclusive!

Written by Lynn

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