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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lego legends of chima set review: Eagle legend beast

Here's my Lego legends of chima set review, the Eagle legend beast! I bought this along with Lavertus's twin blade at Metro 3 days ago. Here's a picture of it.

To the review!
Minifigure: Awesome as always but I already have Eris, but she is used to make another female eagle. Also, I certainly did NOT buy this just for the minifigure, I wanted the legend beast, so that's what we're looking at next. Oh, also, there's that awesome transparent blue shield(which in that picture I accidentally covered Eris's face with it :P). (9 and a half/10)

Legend beast: I wouldn't even say it's one bit attracting... And the eagle has a tendency to fall over its weight.  I only think the tail looks okay and the wings just, to me, looks utterly terrible. (5/10)
Pieces: The winning part of this set is THE PIECES!!! OH YEAH!!
Basically there are some more of those yellow exo force claw/finger pieces... thingy, 6 white exo force claw/finger pieces which are new to me and a new colour for the new 3 finger piece! :D There's also a new shield piece which is included for all of the minifigures in the legend beasts sets and some mini-ball and socket joints are included too! :D There's also a 1x2 slope piece(I don't know what's the official name of this piece) which is in white which is on the eagle's head with a few stickers, and a yellow piece that is used for the beak(without the 1x1 plate put under that yellow beak like piece)! (10/10)
Total: 24/30
So basically majority of my points are lost due to the Legend beast, so one thing's for sure that I should NEVER EVER buy a legend beast again. :P Unless I'm buying it for minifigures I couldn't get because of them being out of my budget such as Laval, Cragger, Gorzan(I probably won't be buying the gorilla legend beast since I'm not a fan of gorillas) and Worriz. But anyway, that's it for now and I hoped this help you with your set choices!

Written by Lynn

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