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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lego legends of chima set review: Lavertus's twin blade

Here's my Lego legends of chima set review, Lavertus's twin blade! I bought this along with the Eagle legend beast set at Metro two days ago. Here are 3 pictures of it.

Whole set


Close up on Lavertus in the vehicle
Review time!
Minifigures: Great minifigures as always. Though I really don't like the fact that Scutter has no real minifigure legs. :\ (9/10)
Vehicle: It's overall appearance is great, and the special feature makes it two times even greater! :D (10/10) Here's the video of the function.

Pieces: There are a LOT of new pieces in this set for me, such as all of the orangey-yellow pieces in this set, since I don't really buy lion tribe vehicles, I don't really have a lot of those pieces so they are quite new. Also, the brown coloured Frost Beast weapon spike thingys(the ones used as the 'lion head' mane) are new too! The rotor blades also, the grill piece thingy used for the mechanism, some of those dark brown version of a 1x2 slope piece that has a 1x1 plate space, similar to the 1x3 version which also has a 1x1 plate space. There are also those Hero Factory(HF) 3.0 claws in dark pearl grey/gunmetal grey which was released in HF already. Oh, and there's also a rubber band used for the mechanism, too! So basically there are quite a number of new stuff here. (10/10)
Total: 29/30
That's it for now and I hoped you enjoyed this review!

Written by Lynn

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