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Monday, January 13, 2014

Twisty Puzzle review: Pyraminx

Here's my Twisty puzzle review, the Pyraminx! I bought this at Comics Connection 2 days ago. Here are 2 pictures of it.

Green and blue side

Yellow and red side

So, basically, this has 4 sides- red, yellow, blue and green, which has orange and white(sometimes black) missing. So what did I even want this for? Well, I was starting to get a little bored with my 3x3 rubik's cube(well it's actually QJ brand and so was this) since I played with it everytime my phone was low on battery. So I thought I would get another twisty puzzle, and for some reason I choose this. Anyway it didn't really take a long time for me to solve after scrambling it. But, still, it's nice to have a new puzzle at last. My thoughts on this? Well, it is great in terms of turning, good enough for my taste. As for corner-cutting, I personally don't care about that, but I think why some people who likes twisty puzzles to have puzzles corner-cut is because if while solving, the cube gets out of line, turning another layer won't make any sort of difference and that cuber won't have to go and straighten it before turning another layer. But, for people who really really REALLY want to know how well it corner-cuts, well, it is just real bad. It can only corner-cut upwards, turning middle layer left, corner cut upwards, turning middle layer right a wee bit(hardly even a quarter), can't corner cut downwards, turning middle layer left and can't corner cut downwards, turning middle layer right, though that may be the same for all puzzles, since I don't really care about corner-cutting, I don't really notice that much. One thing I DO hate about this puzzle is that IT'S WHITE!!! I don't usually like white for my puzzles since dirtiness can be seen on a white surface easily. But anyway, that's it for my opinion on this puzzle!

Written by Lynn

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