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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fruit Ninja glitch: Infinity Bomb deflects/berry blasts/peachy times

This is the amount of bomb deflects/berry blasts/peachy times that I've accumulated through this glitch after a course of several hours. The first picture has 15 917 bomb deflects, 12 berry blasts and 5 peachy times. The second one has 191 033 bomb deflects, 181 berry blasts and 18 peachy times. The last picture has 10 000 000 bomb deflects(which is utterly ridiculous), 17 289 berry blasts and 2161 peachy times. Of course, some of you might be thinking I am very fortunate to have this glitch, and I am. EXCEPT for the fact that the starfruit will soon lose its value to me. Why? Because if I had managed to get every single background and blade available, then the starfruit would be of no use after that! But because of the Elite blades, it might take awhile. If we talk about fairness, then I'm playing a bit unfair here because of this glitch because all I need is a few rounds and I can get a whole bunch of these power ups. Anyway I hope the Fruit Ninja company notices the posts I posted on their Facebook page and solve this glitch or at least tell me how to solve. That's it for now and if anyone here also has the same problem comment in the comments section below!

Written by Lynn

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