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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Microsoft paint drawings: Fruit Ninja Arcade mode scene + my thoughts on Fruit Ninja's latest update

Here I am back with Microsoft paint drawings  and instead of doing a Stick Run drawing and now I did Fruit Ninja! Basically this might probably be your typical fruit ninja scene(except for the lightning bolt that is an elite blade which I specifically 'advertised' it in the Anti Fruit Ninjas video) in arcade mode, with your bombs and fruits. Basically this scene happens to have the player to strike a 3 fruit combo but the person's best score apparently is very bad(I mean like 341 would probably be about my average score in Arcade mode my best is 917) but for some reason this guy still manages to buy a Lightning Bolt. :P
ALSO, prior to the new update, I had gotten a "taste" of it on my father's phone which already has the latest version for the Fruit Ninja Free version(not sure if the update for the free version and full version is the same but it should be similar in a way) and here are my thoughts.
1. Challenges for starfruit? AWESOME! Basically once you complete these challenges(which you can see when you pause the game OR after the game ends) you'll get around a range of 100-200 starfruit and they also give you a bonus by letting you watch advertisements in order to get starfruit.
2. New blades!(Definitely in the full version update too)
Wind Blade
Benjamin Blade
Comet Blade
Northern Lights Blade
Click the links to find out more on the new blades.
3. The picture of the blades can be seen even before unlocking them! But your locked blades will have a grey/silver outlining over the actual blade and with a small lock in the left hand corner to differ from those that have been unlocked.
1. The bomb deflects, berry blasts and peachy times prices went up! O_O They are crazy expensive now! 1 pack of 3 bomb deflects/berry blasts/peachy times costs 450 starfruit!!! I guess it's a good thing they added in the challenges, but still... I find it ridiculous, especially when the pack of 6/9 bomb deflects costs 2 times/3 times the amount of starfruit used to buy a pack of 3 bomb deflects respectively. So I do think this is ridiculous but I think they are doing this to earn more money from people buying more starfruit packs.
2. Guess what? All of the blades HAVE to be unlocked only by starfruits!!! No more objectives for you to do anymore to get blades! ||-_- Like I said they are probably doing this to earn more money from people that are buying more of the starfruit packs. So for those people who have gotten a majority of the blades before updating it you are very lucky. I suppose the elite blades won't be so 'elite' anymore, considering now all blades need starfruit to buy them, except the price is different. -_-
3. For I.O.S users your device(whether it be Iphone 3G/4S/5 or Ipad 1/2/mini/air) HAVE TO BE at least have I.O.S version 6.0 ||-_-
Unsure cons:
1. According to the Fruit Ninja Wikia, it seems that in the full version the normal multiplayer function where you can test your skills against other players worldwide is discontinued... I'm not so sure if it's true or not...
2. According to my best friend who just got this new version, he says that a lot of the starfruits which he sliced in the game only gave him 25 starfruit for the currency. I'm not sure if it's true or not because I haven't sliced a starfruit in my father's phone's Fruit Ninja game yet and my version is outdated :P
So basically I am in a dilemma whether to be happy or upset about this new update. Anyway this is my opinion so if you think otherwise please don't get mad and rant in the comments of this post. BTW here's proof of my new high score.

I didn't make a video of it because I was just playing and I suddenly went on a combo streak and got so many points so I only took a screenshot and this high score was all thanks to berry blast and peachy times as well. Oh by the way you see the number of bomb deflects in a tiny size for the numbers because there's this weird glitch ongoing in my Fruit Ninja and after a few rounds it suddenlly increases without me actually buying the bomb deflects and this is also starting to happen to my berry blasts too. :S If anyone has this glitch too please comment in the comments section below. That's it for now and I hoped you like the drawing!

Written by Lynn

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