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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lego legends of chima set review: Sparratus's Spider Stalker

Here's a Lego legends of chima set review of Sparratus's Spider Stalker! I bought this at The Brick Shop quite a few days ago as my birthday present(and today's my birthday! Yay!). Here are 4 pictures of it.

Back printing for Gorzan's head and torso 
Sparratus's Spider stalker and Gorzan stand at the bottom left hand corner

Front view of Gorzan w/ accessories

Front view of Gorzan without accessories
Onto the review!
Minifigures: The minifigures were great, but unfortunately I lost Sparratus the spider and I don't know where it is so I did not have him in the vehicle for the pictures. (10/10)
Vehicle: The overall appearance is nice, but I don't think the eyes are that good looking. Also, here's a video of the functions!!!

Pieces: As usual a lot of new pieces and I'm quite happy how they actually have true transparent neon green for some of the parts in the set. (10/10)
Total: 29/30
That's it for now and I hoped you enjoyed this set review! Also, to see how Sparratus looks like, I'm linking you to a review made by JANGBRiCKS! Click here to see the video and skip to 3:14 to see how Sparratus looks like.

Written by Lynn

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