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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Microsoft Paint drawings: Stick run stick man jumping

Another drawing of Stick Run stuff on Microsoft paint! Basically this is a random stickman that I drew which has diamond shoes(I want that so much!), diamond skin(thus the light blue outlining), grin, zombie shades(don't like how it is called with the zombie thing), red zombie claws(well I don't like the fact that they are zombie claws, but they still have the cool look I wanted to put into the stick man) and a rare cap which I also don't know what it's called. Anyway here's the background of the stick man! (Yes it has a background :P :P :P)
Background: A highly skilled Stick Run runner, he had ran for ages and even got the final prestige level 30. However, he had always wanted certain items such as the diamond shoes and diamond skin, but did not want to spend his money on such items and wanted to get them for free, without sacrificing items in his inventory in the game or using money to buy them. Later, after he managed to make a program which can give rares and premiums to him for free, he hacked into the game and gotten himself those items. However, that was not all. He also gotten the Trader's pass, Darth Vader helmet and tons of other stuff unfairly with his own hack, which also included the zombie claws, the black cap glowing in red and the zombie shades. He runs even better than before and no one has beaten him in races.
That's it for now and I hoped you like the drawing plus this little background I stirred up! (No I didn't hack the game)

Written by Lynn

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