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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lego Ninjago set review: Kai Fighter

Here's a Lego Ninjago set review, the Kai Fighter! Here are 7 pictures of it.

Full overview of the set

General Cryptor w/ all equipment(except rocket launcher) on him(front view)

General Cryptor w/ accessories removed(front view)

General Cryptor w/ accessories removed(back view)

Kai in new suit and holding the techno blade

Kai without techno blade and bandanna, front view

Kai without techno blade and bandanna, back view
Onto the review!
Minifigures: It's like half of the reason I bought this set! :P When I saw how General Cryptor looks like, I was like "Oh my goodness! He's so cool! I must get him if I can!" because he's just so awesome and also, I am quite happy to finally get the ninjas' hair in this season because I don't even have the ninjas' hair before! So I'm very happy about that! :D And I also get to have a bandanna piece which I've never had before! :D (10/10)
Vehicle: It's great, though the downsides for this is how when you perform the wings function, the axle is being shown and the tan and white brick used for the function is obvious and there are some off-colour green plates showing near the 'jail cells'(whatever they are but I see them as that), but from the top view it usually isn't that obvious. Also, it probably isn't that obvious, but the 'jail cells' it is actually a sticker put onto a transparent panel piece to put onto another brick. Anyway here's the video showing the functions of the vehicle.

Pieces: Some great new pieces included here! :D Though I'm not going to list them all because I'm lazy to. :P
Total: 28/30
That's it for now and I hoped this review helped!

Written by Lynn

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