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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Microsoft paint drawing: Stick Run Diamond shoes

This is my second drawing that I've drawn completely only in Microsoft paint program(yes I have another one which is for Legends of Chima but I don't know where did that drawing go to) and this drawing is the drawing of the diamond shoes! Actually in the game itself you can't really see the diamond shoes' background is actually in black and outlining lime green or yellow but I asssume it's lime green anyway and here the shoes are glowing in its greatest light. Basically this can let you be able to control your stick man's speed, run faster left or right and jump higher. PLUS they look awesome! Basically this shoe is a combination of the SwiftShoes, RunnerShoes and JumperShoes plus the awesome look! For your infomation, I do not have it because this is something you can buy from the premium shop and it requires money to buy this thing so I don't have it, but I wish to have it soon. I've been hunting for rares to get this and the Traders' pass. Anyway that's it for now and I hoped you liked this drawing!

Written by Lynn

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