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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Soft toys talking 27(Chinese New Year special part 2)

Duckie: *dusts off some furniture of dust* Hey, Harmony Bear, where should we go today?
Harmony Bear: I don't know, the shops always don't open on Chinese New Year. *Cleans some of Duckie's trophies*
Doorbell: Ding dong!
Harmony Bear: Oh, someone came to our house! *Puts back a trophy of Duckie's that she was cleaning, steps down from a stool and runs to the door to open it* Oh, hello friends!
Elder sister penguin, Younger sister penguin(yep she's back at last), Tubbie, Smarty, Elder brother Smiley, Wish Bear, Funshine Bear, Love a lot Bear, Yellow Angry Bird and Secret Bear: Hello!
Duckie: *Turns his head* O_O Woah! One big crowd of friends! Let them in, honey!

Harmony Bear: *At the soft toys* Please come in.
Everyone except Duckie and Harmony Bear: *Comes into the house and sits down on the sofa and chairs*
Harmony Bear: Make yourself at home! While we... erm... dust off some stuff. *Cleans a rack with a cloth*
Elder sister penguin: To warm up the new year season, let's play stick run!
Smarty: Erm... I don't think that is very good for chinese new year... considering how your stickman dies terribly in stick run if you run into something.
Elder sister penguin: No! I meant multiplayer, Smarty! That has no blood!
Smarty: Alright alright... I'll bring out my little computer.
Elder sister penguin: You have a little computer?! O_O
Smarty: Yep! I invented them! *Takes a small computer out of his bag, which when he places it on a table, it turns into a normal sized computer* Ta-da!
Elder sister penguin: Woah! That was some new stuff! Hey Duckie, can you lend me your computer?
Duckie: Sure! Just as long as you don't spoil it!
Elder sister penguin: Thanks! *Runs upstairs to use Duckie's computer to lock in into her soft toy book account and goes to stick run app*
Smarty: *Logs into his soft toy book account and goes to stick run app*
Tubbie: Hey, Smarty, can you lend me one of those little computers?
Elder brother Smiley: Ditto!
Smarty: Sure! Just don't spoil it though! *Takes out 2 little computers and gives one each to Tubbie and Elder brother Smiley*
Tubbie and Elder brother Smiley: Thanks! *Logs into their Soft Toy Book accounts and go to stick run app*
Funshine Bear, Love a lot Bear, Secret Bear and Wish Bear: *Starts chit-chatting*
Smarty: *Sends a message in soft toy book group chat for Tubbie, Elder brother Smiley and Elder sister penguin*
In soft toy book...
(Group chat small screen)
Smarty: Are you ready?
Elder sister penguin: Yup!
Tubbie: Yep!
Elder brother Smiley: Yes
Smarty: Let's go into stick run multiplayer lobby 
'Stick bros'!
Elder sister penguin: Ok!
Tubbie: You bet 'ya!
Elder brother Smiley: In a minute!
In real life...
Smarty, Tubbie, Elder sister penguin and Elder brother Smiley: *Clicks multiplayer, then clicks stick bros and finally, they click search game*
In soft toy book...

(Group chat small screen)
Smarty: Okay so wait for me to say 3 2 1 go to press battle game okay?
Elder sister penguin: Okay!
Tubbie: Got it!
Elder brother Smiley: Ok.
Smarty: Okay so...
Smarty: 3
Smarty: 2
Smarty: 1
Smarty: Go!
Smarty, Tubbie, Elder sister penguin and Elder brother Smiley: *Clicks battle game and everybody goes into the same game* Yay!
*Game starts, with Elder sister penguin's level being 12 (1), Smarty's being level 20 (1), Tubbie's being level 1 (1) and Elder brother Smiley being level 30.*
First round results:
First: Elder sister penguin-Score: 2090(+3 points)
Second: Smarty-Score: 2000(+2 points)
Third: Tubbie-Score: 1900(+1 point)
Fourth: Elder brother Smiley-Score: 50(+0 points)
Second round results:
First: Tubbie-Score: 1378(+3 points)
Second: Smarty-Score: 987(+2 points)
Third: Elder sister penguin-Score: 700(+1 point)
Fourth: Elder brother Smiley: 688(+0 points)
Third round results:
First: Tubbie-Score: 1888(+3 points)
Second: Elder sister penguin-Score: 937(+2 points)
Third: Elder brother Smiley-Score: 109(+1 point)
Fourth: Smarty-Score 35(+0 points)
Final results:
Tubbie-total points: 7-Total score: 5166
Elder sister penguin-total points: 6-Total score: 3727
Smarty-total points: 4-Total score: 3022
Elder brother Smiley-total points: 1-Total score: 846
Tubbie: Yay!!!! I won!
Elder sister penguin: *a screen of a red shoe with Chinese new year in gold* Woah! What is this shoe?! *Clicks the coins and shop button and tries to find it but can't, so she looks at the premium shop and found it, which has the label"limited edition"(Please note that in Stick run which is on Facebook there actually isn't such shoe for Chinese new year of that sort, so please don't bother finding it and then tell me there's no such shoe I'm lying)* (Thinking: Ooh! I better tell the other soft toys!) *Types something in group chat small screen*
In soft toy book...
(Group chat small screen)
Elder sister penguin: Hey guys! I just found a new shoe under the premium shop and there's a new shoe as to celebrate new year! Check it out!
In real life...
*The 3 soft toys see the message and click the premium shop button. After that they found the shoe and a big smile shows up on their faces*
Elder sister penguin: *Logs out of her soft toy book account, shuts down Duckie's computer and walks downstairs* Let's go, soft toys!
Everyone except Elder sister penguin, Duckie and Harmony Bear: What? We have to go now?
Elder sister penguin: Yep!
*All of the soft toys except Duckie and Harmony Bear leave*
*An hour later... the Duckie and Harmony Bear lives in is all clean, ready to welcome the new Chinese new year*
A very great Happy Chinese New year to every chinese looking at my blog! Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin



Secret Bear

Wish Bear

Duckie and Harmony Bear

Funshine Bear

Love a lot Bear
And a soft toy to cheer the Chinese new year spirit... MY FORTUNE HORSE!!!! :D 
马到成功! :D

That's it for now and I hope you enjoyed this soft toy talking and again, a very happy Chinese new year to the Chinese seeing my blog! :D

Written by Lynn

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