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Friday, January 31, 2014

A burning Chinse new year light(Chinese new year special part 1)

Yep it's part 1 of my Chinese new year special! :D So what do I have here? An ordinary Hero Factory MOC? Yes, it does seem ordinary at first glance, but actually I am using this as a Chinese New Year Hero Factory MOC! Partly because of his colour scheme(mostly red), and the fiery elements added to him represents the things that, according to the legend of Chinese New Year, there was this monster called "Nian(年)" who is scared of the colour red, loud noises and very bright light. Since this MOC represented all his fears and thus bringing out the spirit of Chinese New Year, I decided to use this for my Chinese new year special! As you can see, the third picture shows a low quality picture of the MOC itself which I haven't named yet BUT as soon as I think of a name and stuff for his profile I'll post a high quality picture of him along with his profile. But let's get back to Chinese New Year stuff. The first 2 pictures basically just shows him lighting up the room with his flame staff/spear(I'm not sure what it should be as of now) and while lighting it makes a loud sound. Anyway, that's it for now and have a great Chinese New Year to Chinese people reading my blog!
Written by Lynn 

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