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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Soft toy panda

front view

back view

So basically I've had this panda for a good period of time already(I think it was 2011 that I got this? :S Anyway it's still younger than my Harmony Bear in that sense, but in terms of fake age then I don't know because I haven't made any age for the panda bear yet) and actually, I got this from Ocean Park from my trip to Hong Kong. Also the panda soft toy DOES have eyes but because of the usual black patch near its eye it literally makes it look like it has no eye. But anyway, that isn't the only way to get panda soft toys. :P
So I'm going to introduce you to this site! But ONLY if you are:
1. A animal lover
2. Truly want to help endangered animals to no longer be endangered
3. Want to help World Wildlife Fund(WWF) in doing so by buying their merchandise
And so here's the link for a panda 'adoption'!
Okay just so you know you aren't really going to adopt a real panda you just get the soft toy, the certificate that you actually 'adopted' it and some other stuff. Oh, and not only the pandas are 'adoptable' too! You can also 'adopt' a tiger, emperor penguin(chick or adult), polar bear, African elephant, sea turtle and many more! Also I personally think that the penguin chick is SO CUTE but I already have a penguin so I don't think there's a need for me to get another penguin. :P But still, the penguin chick is very cute and in general emperor penguin chicks are already very cute in real life and if made correctly the soft toy would be even cuter! Anyway that's it for now and happy soft toy shopping which helps to save animals! :P

Written by Lynn

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