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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Jovan Firesniper

Here's my Lego Hero Factory MOC made in Lego Digital Designer extended, Jovan Firesniper! Here are 4 pictures of him.



3.0(animal power is Phoenix)

Here's his profile.
Name: Jovan Firesniper
Form(current): breakout 
Colours: Red, black and dark pearl grey/gunmetal grey
Personality: Being the fiery hero he is, he is impatient, passionate, brave and impulsive.
Status: Alive, active
Team: Zeta team
Background: Jovan Firesniper was a senior member of the Zeta team, much older than Zeta team's current leader.
Before Zeta Team had a new leader, Fire Sniper was neglected a lot because the leader back then did not like him due to his impulsiveness and leaves him out of the team missions ever since Firesniper's first mission with him. Because of this, Firesniper also hated that team leader, and wished he would somehow be replaced sooner or later. However, the trainer who is a Hero Recon Team agent, whose name was Rick Stealth Shadow still trained him. Seeing a good potential in him, Rick Stealth Shadow had told Zib to allow him to go for solo missions since he was neglected by the team leader. Shocked, Zib had told Firesniper and Rick Stealth Shadow to wait for a week while he try and convince the leader to let him on the team missions, but the team leader rebutted and said,"He is nothing but worthless trash who screws up all of my team missions! I will never let him go and do that again!" With no choice, Zib ended up having to let Firesniper go on solo missions. Later on, Firesniper received the 2.0 upgrade.
Then, a rookie who is by the name of Jonathan Arrowgun joined the team. The team leader also neglected him for some reason like Jovan himself and they ended up being close friends. Arrowgun had pleased Rick Stealth Shadow so much that the team trainer had shown him some special attacks. Later, Jonathan Arrowgun was fully trained and somehow, that time the former team leader happened to get killed, so Jonathan was raised to the new leader of Zeta Team. Firesniper was overjoyed for this, but he was a bit jealous how a hero 'younger' than him could get the leader position. Later, Firesniper himself also was fully trained, and was upgraded to 3.0 in the animal form of a phoenix and sent on a solo mission to Quatros to deal with the Witch Doctor problem.
Prior to breakout, he was also upgraded like his team leader and was sent to capture Thunder. In minutes, he was able to capture Thunder and cuff him. He returned to Makuhero City in his Heropod along with the arrested Thunder, only to realise that its fail safe shield was up and saw on the screen that the Alpha team was there, however, not aware that Rocka was trapped inside the Hero Factory builiding and the fact that his team leader was also outside with him. After a few minutes, the fail safe shield got down and Firesniper immediately rushed out of his Heropod, pulling out arrested Thunder but because his leader saw him, Arrowgun told Firesniper to halt and to wait for him to receive the news of Rocka defeating Black Phantom. After that, he went back into the Hero pod and after another few minutes, he came out upon his leader's  to command, pulling Thunder out as well to put him back behind bars.
When Brain attack came, him and all of his teammates were sent to fend off the brains, but Arrowgun discovered the weak spot of the brains earlier than Bulk since he became a Hero Recon Team member, so the whole team gotten the brain creatures of the animal's heads and put those brain creatures into prison. Since his leader did not go for the Invasion from below event, he also stayed as well to take a break and to train for later events.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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