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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dragon City exclusive hybrid how to breed: Photon Dragon

Finally! Electric+Archangel dragon in my breeding mountain so many times and I finally got photon dragon!

Yup, my combination was as simple as Archangel+Electric Dragon. By the way, both of those dragons are level 7. But trust me, I bred them for a few times before I could successfully get Photon Dragon. And I was so desperate to find out if it was really the Photon Dragon that I wasted 21 gems to speed up the breeding. :P LOL Anyway I'm just very happy about it and honestly speaking, you don't need to go all that complicated just to get this dragon! I'm just telling you because someone went to breed level 10 Archangel and Battery dragon together to get this dragon which I honestly think is unnecessary when you can just do the easy way like I did. :P That's it for now and next is a post on how to breed Cold Star Dragon!

Written by Lynn

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