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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dragon City exclusive hybrid how to breed: Cold Star Dragon

Yup, that's what I bred to to get Cold Star. And as of the time I wrote this post(this is a scheduled post by the way so the scheduled time was not when I actually posted the post myself), my dragons have not bred finish yet. Anyway, yes I had a breeding failure that's why there's a silly Star Dragon in my hatchery. :P I was breeding Terra and Gold(both level 7) in the breeding sanctuary level 3 trying to get Magnet Dragon but I had a breeding failure so that's why there's a Star Dragon there LOL. Anyway like I said in the Photon Dragon how to breed post honestly speaking, you don't really need to go complicated when it comes to breeding dragons to get Rainbow, Cold Star, Photon and Elfic Dragon because their elements can be directly bred and exclusive dragons doesn't mean they need complicated combinations. However, for the fallen angel dragon, yes you have to get complicated when it comes to the dragons being bred because it is a rare hybrid, but thank goodness it isn't a exclusive breedable rare hybrid dragon though! :P Anyway that's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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