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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Angry birds transformers telepods review: Bumblebee+BONUS at the end of post

Here's a Angry birds transformers telepods review of Bumblebee! For some reason, everything transformers-related toy that I get the first one will be Bumblebee, and in fact, most of the transformers toy characters that I actually own is Bumblebee. Also sorry for not posting for a long time I've been too lazy to type a blog post and I am almost going to finish my examinations so probably after that I'll have more time to post stuff and anyway, here are two pictures of Bumblebee!

Bumblebee in vehicle mode and on telepod base

Bumblebee in robot mode
Yes, I was too lazy to bring it to the place where I take pictures with a white background because this is very small. Anyway, I guess it's fun for a small little telepod that can transform, but honestly the robot mode isn't that game accurate. The game version of him looks like one of his movie versions where the doors are actually sticking out as sort of 'wings' and the arms were separated from the arms themselves. So, I decided to make a bumblebee with CCBS and bionicle parts! :D But that isn't really the bonus, THIS pic is the bonus. :P

Not my best attempt, but still looks a bit nice I guess :P :P :P BTW, you can scan the telepod into the game but I'm not sure what they are actually supposed to do because I have not downloaded the game yet. My only IOS device in the house is a very outdated software Iphone which I do not think will be able to handle the app well, and also Rovio decided to release it earlier for the IOS and they would release it for Android on 30 Oct so I still don't have this app yet. That's it for now and I hope you liked this post!

Written by Lynn

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