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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lego Bionicle "2015" Toa self MOC: Toa Zarflame, Toa of fire and sonics

Here's my Lego Bionicle "2015" Toa MOC, Toa Zarflame, Toa of fire!(2015 by build style, 2001-2010 backstory, and he also has the geared arm function thingy!!! :D) Here are 4 pictures of him.

Zarflame on his vehicle 
Zarflame and his vehicle

front view

back view

Here's his profile.
Name: Zarflame
Elements: A born hybrid of flame and sonics
Weapons: (Matoran) small blades (Toa) Twin blades, one side with a small shield(small compared to the rest of his body)
Matoran skills: Like most Ta-Matoran, he was a skilled mask maker before becoming a Toa
Personality: He is somewhat hot-headed,occasionally shy and a bit timid
Kanohi: Great Hamatu(mask of shielding, illusions and telekinesis)
Matoran Life:
Zarflame was a Matoran born to have the elements of fire and sonics. Despite this, he picked up more of a Ta-matoran's skills, and even though Matoran of sonics have a sense of hearing that is too sensitive, Zarflame's was sensitive, but it wasn't too sensitive that sounds too near him could kill him. He made Kanoka disks, masks and the disk launchers. Soon, he started up a business selling a variety of disks, masks, and disk launchers, and all sold well. He also made a mask for himself, as he didn't like his current one, which was just the Kanohi Hau, the mask of shielding. He wanted more than just shielding, and in fact, also wanted to have the power of telekinesis and making illusions. So, he decided to use the combinations of the disks used for each of the powers and made it into a mask for himself.  A few months later, He was selected to be a Toa, and he brought the Toa stone to a place to activate it, changing him into a Toa.
Toa Life:
Zarflame never really tried to fulfill his destiny by sacrificing his Toa powers as he really wanted to be a Toa and had no plans of turning into a Turaga. Despite this, he still does his job of keeping the Matoran safe. He requested to get a physical shield made by his best friend when he was a Matoran despite the fact that he already has a mask which can help him shield. Though his best friend found him a bit weird, he still built it for him. As a Toa, Zarflame protected Metru Nui until it fell to the hands of Teridax in the disguise of Turaga Dume. Then, he and the matoran pods went to the island of Mata Nui. He continued protecting the Matoran from there.
However, at one point, his toa team, called Toa Matri, comprising of only him, Shadotaka(Toa of light and dark/Toa of Twilight), a Toa of Ice and Lightning(which I have not named) and Aerow(Toa of air and magnetism) got captured by a Makuta(not Makuta Teridax) and were placed into 'Toa pods'. Before the Toa got stripped of their powers, Zarflame broke free from the pod and got the other 2 of his members too, and eventually defeated the Makuta that captured them. After that, they went back to protecting the matora on the Island of Mata Nui.
After the defeat of Teridax, he evacuated to Spherus Magna with his team and protected the matoran and agori there.

Written by Lynn

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