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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lego minifigures series 12 minifigure review: Space Miner

Here's a Lego minifigures series 12 minifigure review of Space Miner! Here are 2 pictures of it.

I bought him at a Lego store and because I saw other people feeling the bags for the minifigures, I decided to go there and do that as well. I wanted the Swashbuckler or the Space Miner, so I went there and felt for the minifigures I wanted. Space Miner literally gave himself away because of his overly bulky armour. :P Oh well, at least I've gotten a minifigure I wanted, not like how I used to randomly pick minifigs. :P Overall, I think he looks really good! He also comes with a code which you can redeem on minifigures online to get him in game. That's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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