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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New penguin soft toys!!!!

During my trip to Australia, my sister and I bought 1 new penguin each! However, along with my penguin, since I bought my penguin with a pack, it also includes a polar bear(which I have not taken a picture of yet and also doesn't look like one anyway) and a dolphin! Yay!!!!

Elder sister penguin, Lira, Baby Duckie on top of Fatty
Here is a picture I took of Baby Duckie and Elder sister penguin along with Lira and Fatty, the two new penguins. :D They are just cute!!! :D Especially Fatty, which is based on a baby emperor penguin/emperor penguin chick. Lira is based on an adult emperor penguin, but she is shorter than Fatty, because of how their sizes were made. Fatty was sold as an individual penguin chick but Lira came with 2 other soft toys like I said. To give you a better view of Fatty, I'll post another picture here.

(Left to Right) Elder sister penguin, Lira, Fatty
In my opinion, I think these penguins are very cute, especially Fatty. Chubby soft toys are usually cute, right? ;D We bought the penguins at the Sea world souvenir shop. Penguins shaped like Fatty can also be found in the Gold Coast airport shops. Anyway, that's it for now!

Written by Lynn 

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