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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lego space station and spaceship MOC

In the space world of Lego Island... Technology advances fast and a huge space station, acts as a 'house' in space and is able to allow minifigures to assemble spaceships, ready to take people to any part of space, allowing space research to advance...
Here are 5 pictures of my spaceship MOC!

Normal view of spaceship

Top view of interior in spaceship
Close up on things inside air lock

Close up on the toilet

Space Miner is in this ship, ready for a mining mission in space!
You would probably realise by now that this space ship does NOT come with the 2 booster rockets and the fuel tank. Why? Here are some reasons.
In reality: I was unable to make those parts of the spaceship basically. :P I did try to make it but I just didn't have the right pieces and the fuel tank and rocket part turned out so horribly that I decided to discard that idea and just make up a story on why this did not have those parts. :P
Story: This spaceship was built in space and did not have to fight against gravity as there is little gravity in space.
Now here is the purpose of the space ship in this space story.
Purpose of spaceship: This spaceship was built for the sole purpose of transportation of people from one place to another in space, and it can also act as an 'outpost' for people to stay in for a short time, though conditions that are more similar to earth would be much more found in the space station. This can be use to transport defense robots, space miners(like the space miner shown in the pictures), space scientists/researchers and perhaps space telescopes or probes. The space shuttle can have its fuel tank refueled by going back to the space station's fuel station.
Here are 4 pictures of the space station.
Close up on telescope used for studying the sun

Close up on air lock(basically everything space related which humans enter has an air lock :P )

Space station without spaceship

Space station with spaceship
Obviously if you're going to imagine this really in space it probably wouldn't be so straight because it will be floating about in space. Also, I decided not to cover a part of the space station for play-ability's sake. Here's a story for the space station!
Story: This space station was built with lots of care, sending space shuttles into space several times to put the different parts together, forming this space station. With the technology advances, the astronaughts were able to have climate control technology in there, including artificial gravity. This made it almost like working in space with earth conditions, which also means the minifigures' bodies do not need to spend too much time adapting. However, they can also turn off the artificial gravity and float to the air lock and wear space suits if they need to explore beyond working in the station. It also works as a 'stop' for space shuttles to land and pick up/drop off minifigures or refuel its tank. The beds are still placed in the upright position and nailed to the wall and when people in the station sleep, they turn off the artificial gravity and sleep like how they would in any other spacecraft. This station can also allow people to construct space shuttles/space ships in space so that there would be no need for it to be launched off earth and can allow deeper exploration in the wide world of Space: The Final Frontier...
I actually first started building this after playing in the space world on minifigures online and thought, Why don't I build a space station? This might be ironic, although I wanted to build a space station first, I ended up building the shuttle first. I built and built the 'station' but somehow, I built a space ship-like thing(in fact I didn't really know what I was truly building). Later, I went to Google and searched for pictures of space shuttles and space ships for me to make and came up with the current design you see now. I am quite happy about it but maybe it would be more of a space ship than a shuttle simply because the middle part of this 'space shuttle' doesn't open up like your current space shuttle. Later on, after playing with my space ship for some time, I decided to build an actual space station. :P That's it for now and I hope you like these MOCs!

Written by Lynn

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