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Monday, November 17, 2014

Soft toys talking exclusive: Playing tetris

Elder sister penguin: *Goes to her computer to play her newly downloaded game, tetris.* Yay! I love tetris! *Opens the program and sees the starting page as 2 Lego Legends of chima minifigures fighting.* O_o Huh? *Clicks play and the loading screen is a picture of the back of the chima cards* Huh? What the? Wait, the controls are still the same, just a different background. Phew!
Video(Stop motion) of what was on Elder sister penguin's computer.

Doorbell: Ding-dong!
Elder sister penguin: Oh goodness gracious who could be at the door when I'm playing tetris?! *Walks to door without pausing the game*(This part is signified by her not moving the blocks when they come down, causing the game to be over.)
Harmony Bear: Hello Elder sister penguin!
Elder sister penguin: Hi Harmony Bear! What are you doing here for?
Harmony Bear: Oh, I just wanted to give you an early present for Christmas and it is 16 Lego minifigure series 12 packets, each individually felt by me to make sure there are no duplicates!!
Elder sister penguin: Wow, thank you Harmony Bear!
Harmony Bear: You're welcome! Have fun! *Goes back to her house*
Elder sister penguin: *Shuts the door and locks it, then she goes back to her computer and realises it is game over* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON! But at least I've gotten minifigures for free! :D *Opens all the 16 packets and enters all the codes into her game* Yay!!!!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear

Written by Lynn
Video by Lynn

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