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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lego Angry Birds Transformers MOC: Bumblebee

Here's my Lego Angry Birds Transformers MOC, Bumblebee! Here are 5 pictures of it.

Robot mode(front view)

Robot mode(back view)

Robot mode, right hand transformed into a gun

Vehicle mode(back view)

Vehicle mode(front view)
Like I said in my review of the Angry Birds Transformers telepod Bumblebee, I made a Lego bumblebee for Angry Birds Transformers. Why did I do that? Simply because I felt like his telepod was really inaccurate compared to his actual game form, in which his hands/arms aren't doors and the doors are like a bee's 'wings', similar to most of the forms he had for the movies except for Age Of Extinction(AOE). In that sense, it was inaccurate since the telepod itself had doors as arms. Also, Bumblebee's body wasn't totally flat in game, but as a telepod he was, so basically my purpose of making this was to fix the inaccuracies made in robot mode for Bumblebee.

In Angry Birds transformers, Bumblebee mostly takes the form of the classic movie style Bumblebee appearance, except the head has Chuck on it. For your info, the whole MOC is made out of Lego pieces except for Chuck. I could have made a completely custom head for him, but I was too lazy to, so I just stuck a Chuck figurine from the knock on wood toy and placed it there as his head. However because I did this, his head is now inaccurate to the game version, but honestly I never cared much about his head. I cared more about getting him to look more like the in game 'Bumblebee' for his body rather than the head. This MOC took quite a few days to come to this form as I've been changing things all over the place before this was done and I was satisfied with it, not forgetting that I still wanted to make this figure able to transform because, well, it's a TRANSFORMER!!! It needs the ability to transform! And for that matter, I did not want Bumblebee to turn into almost like a thick jeep with tiny wheels which happened in the building process for Bumblebee. In the end, I decided to check out the designs of the actual Transformers Bumblebee toys for inspiration on how to make him look better and more... uh Bumblebee-like. This made a significant difference to his look, and now I am very satisfied with it. At first I actually wanted to make him totally made out of CCBS(AKA Hero Factory parts) except for the head but then, I did not have enough yellow CCBS armour/parts so I added in the system pieces(AKA normal Lego bricks) into the MOC and I think it worked out well!
Of course, all that is left is the gun! I just made that small gun which can flip into a hand because that's what happens in the game. When the character you're using is not shooting anything, it is a hand. However, once your character is shooting something, the hand will turn into a gun, which is a trait that I've decided to bring into this MOC. That's it for now and I hope you like this MOC as much as I do!

Written by Lynn

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