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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Jack Gunner


This is my Hero Factory MOC, Jack Gunner.
His colour scheme is: Lime green, bright green, white and a bit of silver

Name: Jack Gunner
Gender: Male
Personalty: Smart and serious
Element: Lightning
Weapons: Double ice guns
Role: Speedster
Part of the WTUT (Weapons Testing Unit Team)(Another custom team that I've made)


Jack Gunner was built in between the savage planet and ordeal of fire period, along with James Archerer (coming soon), Rick Sniper (coming soon) and Nick Smasher (also coming soon). He was added with the bio-mechanical system along with the other 3 heroes that were mentioned above. During the savage planet period, they were staying at Hero Factory(HF) to train and become a fully trained hero ready for any mission. When they were fully trained, before the breakout, they were sent to capture Slicer, a corrupted 1.5 hero(coming soon) and Waterblade to the prison.

During the breakout, Slicer escaped to planet Collicah 9 to make his blueprint for his weapon. He received the breakout upgrade and received extremely thick armour and Slicer's sword proof boots so that he wouldn't get his feet injured by Slicer. He travelled to planet Collicah 9 to cuff Slicer. Slicer was (at that time) making a super mace that can nearly crush any hero in his way, but he will also need to upgrade himself with the parts in HF's Hero assembly tower. As soon as Gunner got there, he was nearly finished with his ultimate weapon. Without hesitation, Gunner threw the hero cuffs at Slicer but Slicer managed to hit the Cuffs to the ground with his sword. 

He warned Gunner," Watch out hero, my swords can strike twice." Gunner replied,"Oh yeah? Let me get you back to prison! Ice blast!" (Shoots ice at Slicer)

Slicer boasted,"You're not going to catch me hero!!!" (Dodges the ice blast and shoots fire from his sword) 

Although the fire blast did hit Gunner's body armour (with his hero core), he has survived because his body armour was thick enough to withstand Slicer's attacks. At last, Gunner managed to freeze Slicer with his guns and cuffed him with the hero cuffs. He is now currently guarding the Villain storage with his teammates, Rick sniper, James Archerer and Nick smasher looked after Von nebula's Black hole staff so that there won't be another breakout again.

Written by Lynn