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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lego custom minifigure review: Army soldier with Red camouflage

After all the Hero Factory (HF) storytelling, HF MOC reviews and trip reviews, it's time that I go into the world of Lego Minifigures! 

Here's my custom minifigure, an army soldier on Mars! He has red camouflage on him which helps him to hide in the red sands on Mars! 

Here's the bio on this figure (By the way, he is called a Martian Army soldier) :

"Since the Martian atmosphere is too thin for humans to breathe, he needs to wear a special suit equipped with a respirator. The suit also provides him with water and recycles his body wastes. He is equipped with a laser rifle which is recoilless, an important feature in the low gravity of Mars."

Here's a picture of him:

(Note: This figure's front is drawn, customized and made by me. No decals, not from internet, not printed, just drawn on paper and attached to the figure with double-sided tape.)

Written by Lynn

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