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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lego Pinch Bot Mod

Here's a Lego mod! This one is a mod of a MOC made by NightlyNewsatNine who is a youtube user. Here's some pictures of this pinch bot(Note: He is good)( Note: All these pictures are in his after form).

I actually teased you a little bit, because the legs at impossible poses were  made using blue/ blu tag. Here's the "World Lego News" report about this pinch bot.

Here's his background and why he is good:
Like all the other pinch bots, he was made in the pinch bot assembly tower. However, due to a malfunction, he was made as a good pinch bot. One day, he betrayed his leader and during the escape, he picked up a jet pack and two small boots and flew away. Then, he crashed into Lego City. That's for now and I hope you enjoyed this little mod!

Written by Lynn

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