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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lego present ornament MOC

Here's a Lego present ornament MOC! Basically, I just made this for fun, but if you tie a string in the pin hole, you can actually hang it on your christmas tree! Here's a picture of it.

Since this is a small MOC, I have a tutorial for this!

That's it for now and merry chirstmas!
(Note: You can use any colour you want when you build the present, but the pieces is the problem. You have to choose the colour that has the pieces to build the present ornament.)

Haven't seen the Bigger version of this or the smaller version? Here's the links!
Lego Present MOC(Bigger Version)
Lego Present Ornament MOC(Smaller Version)

(Note: Please give me credit if you built this, thanks!)

Written by Lynn
Video by Lynn

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