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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lego Update 2

Welcome to my Lego update 2! Today I have 6 updates! First, I'll start with talking about Lego City 2! Here's some things that you did not see in both Lego City 2 update 1 and the original Lego City 2 MOC post. Here are the pictures of the changes.

In the first picture, you can see that I added a reindeer in the middle of the road as a decoration. In the second picture, I added a little public bench for minifigures to sit if they are tired. The third picture, I added roof bricks onto the blue and red house. Now, onto other MOCs.
I have created a Lego banana MOC and Lego present ornament MOC so please check those to out and the links are here.
Lego Banana MOC
Lego Present Ornament MOC(The link here is to the medium sized Lego Present ornament MOC.)
Now, the last update is I have bought a roof bricks supplement set and the link to the review is here:
Lego Roof bricks supplement set review
That's it for now! Haven't seen Lego City 2(MOC) Update 1 or the orignal Lego City 2(MOC)? Here's the links!
Lego City 2 (MOC) with christmas decorations!
Lego City 2 (MOC) - 1st update

Written By Lynn

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