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Monday, January 7, 2013

Lego set reviews: Ninjago Jay zx booster pack and City 60002

Here's a review of the Ninjago Jay booster pack and the Lego City fire truck set! I bought this yesterday at The Brick Shop. Here's a picture of it.

Jay Booster pack

Lego City fire truck
I liked the Jay booster pack but it was a bit overpriced.  Nevertheless, I still bought it because it's so rare. Before I noticed the booster packs, I was deciding between the Lego ninjago warrior bike and the Lego City fire truck. Anyway, here's my opinion.
Overall, they are great sets, except for the fire truck which had funny headlights in front which is what I don't like the most. The minifigures are great, and I like how Lego always make custom chasis with different plates. Now which minifigure do I like the most? I like the fireman minifigure with the mask (It's standing on the ladder) because it's printing is extremely detailed. Well that's it for this review!

Written by Lynn

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