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Monday, February 4, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

It will be the start of the Year of the Snake in another one week's time.  Many of us had started shopping for new year goodies, clothes and gifts.

We went to Compass Point last Wednesday and found that the decorations were very nice.  So I snapped a few pictures of it.  Here's one of the pictures.

Sera had been looking forward to visiting Chinatown, so we went on last Friday to let the kids have a feel of what it is like in Chinatown during this time of the year.  We had dinner at Macdonald in Chinatown Point.  

It seemed that Chinatown Point was newly renovated and now had shops such as Hockhua Tonic, Daiso, NTUC, 3 for $10 shop etc.  Sera was happy to buy a Snake soft toy decoration at the 3 for $10 shop.  By the way, the snake soft toy costs $2 even though the shop is named 3 for $10 shop.

Snake Soft Toy decoration

We were anxious to go out to the street to view the street decorations so did not shop there for long.  Here are the pictures that we had taken.  Enjoy!

Wishing Tree outside Chinatown Point

Street decorations in the shape of a Snake

Close up view

Close up view

From the close up view of the street decorations, you can see the different animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
Decoration at the side of the bridge

Written by Anne
Photos by Anne

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