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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Zack Quickfire

Here's my hero factory MOC, Zack Quickfire! Here's a picture of him.
Zack Quickfire
Here's his profile:
Name: Zack Quickfire
Form(1.0,2.0, 3.0 etc):Custom
Weapons: Auto-focusing plasma gun and quick firing gun with unlimited ammo
Colours: Transparent bright green, red and black
Affiliation: Hero Factory
Team: None
Location: Makuhero City
Status: Alive, active
Personality: Quickfire was a very calm hero and a perfectionist(Which is why he got no.1 in HF). In his spare time, he usually likes to explore with different armour and weapons and see if he could make a new item and put it in the assembly tower.
Background: Zack was made in the assembly tower long time ago in the 1.0 form which has non-flexible joints for the arms and legs. He didn't like a lot of the equipment that Hero Factory uses at that time, so, he started to work with the engineers to develop a lot of weapons like the sonic boom cannon for Stringer, and a lot of stuff which can only be founded out in the database of the Hero Factory labs. Later, he also found out that all heroes including himself have difficulty moving their joints as they were inflexible. He worked with the designers again and developed the new bone system for all of Hero Factory heroes. Since he was friends with Nex and Evo and he trust them so much, he decided that they should test the bones system. Quickfire also upgraded himself with the system and he felt so much  better than he used to be. Soon, he got the bio-mechanical upgrade which enhance his agility, speed and firepower. He contributed even more things, and soon got a custom form. Since he was unhappy with the plasma gun, he upgraded it and put a auto-focusing program into it, which made his villain catching much more easier. He also got a quick firing gun, but he didn't like it for it does not have enough ammo for fighting. He then made a unlimited ammo holder and placed it on his gun. From all his hard work, he is now the best hero of all, and is trusted to go on his own to fight villains.
That's it for now and I hope you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn


  1. Thanks for the BTW tip, Lynn! By the way, what's that shiny thing on him? too bright. Plamb:)

    1. Are you talking about the silver ball in his gun? Sorry about that.
      Reply by Lynn


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