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Sunday, March 17, 2013

5000+ page views special-part 1

It's time for 5000+ page views special! As Elder sister penguin said in the 'Soft toys talking- part 2', Elder sister penguin said that I have hit 5000+ page views! Like the '2500+ page views' post, I'll have 4 parts! However, each part will be different. Here's the contents.
Part 1-How to on some custom Hero Factory tools
Part 2-Update on my brick arrangement
Part 3-Soft toys singing a parody of the song 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz
Part 4-How to on putting a normal/breakout/brain attack body armour on XL torso without putting it too low
Today, I'll do tutorials on some of my custom Hero Factory tools!
Energy shield(Credit to GreshLord, a youtube user.):

Razor shield:

Zane Fire's waterproof projectile firing gun:

Please give me credit if you make the razor shield and the water proof projectile firing gun.See you later in part 2!
Written by Lynn


  1. What is the title of this 5000+ page views post? Btw please see my blog for quiz 1. Plamb:)

  2. The category is 'More than 5000 page views posts' and didn't you see my comment? *facepalms*
    Reply by Lynn


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