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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lego update 12

It's Lego update 12! Well, not really a lot to update but 2 MOCs are going to be featured in soft toys talking-part 4! Also, I updated my Yellow Cross restaurant again! Here's the interior and exterior.

Yellow Cross restaurant(Exterior)

Yellow Cross restaurant(Interior)

For those of you who know about Lego Hero Recon Team, you should be able to know how to answer this question with the following picture and a few clues.

1. He uses Surge 2.0's weapon.
2. He has the 'villain core' piece on both of his upper arms.
3. One of his colours are white.
For those of you who have finished my question, look at the answer below! It is none other than...... *Drum roll*:p(Drag over the 'blank' space below for answer)
Merrick Fortis!
That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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  1. Great one! Btw pls check my blog. Plamb:)


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