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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soft toys (And Lego hero factory MOCs?) talking 4

*The penguins walk onto my desk.*
Elder sister penguin: Yay! I can watch my owner do her computer work!
Younger sister penguin: Is it really that enjoyable? I mean, isn't getting hugged by her the best?
Elder sister penguin: Maybe.
*One of my Hero Factory MOCs start to walk towards them.*
Younger sister penguin: GAHHH!!!! These toys are alive!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Elder sister penguin: Then are you saying we can't be alive too? *Starts laughing*
Younger sister penguin: *Embarrassed*
Mark Sniper: Who are you? Talking penguins?
Elder and Younger sister penguin: THAT'S NOT OUR NAME!!!!
Mark Sniper: Do you need to be that harsh? I'm sorry about that, I do not know your name. I'm Mark Sniper, what's yours?
Elder sister penguin: Elder sister penguin.
Younger sister penguin: Younger sister penguin.
Mark Sniper: Why are both of your names so similar?
Elder sister penguin: I think my owner ran out of name ideas or something.
Elder sister penguin: Oops... Sorry.
Me: I'm going to play some games. Sniper will keep you two company, alright?
Elder and Younger sister penguin: Okay. (Both thinking) Seriously? You are leaving us with a toy? *face palms*
Mark Sniper: What do you like to do the most?
Elder sister penguin: My hobbies are based of my owner, same with my younger sister.
Mark Sniper: Do you take showers?
Elder and Younger sister penguin: Of course we do! We aren't going to let our friends have a bad impression of our hygiene habits! Oh, BTW, are you a robot?
Mark Sniper: I'm a robot hero and the symbol in my chest stands for Hero Factory.
Elder and Younger sister penguin: *Admires him as he is a hero*
Mark Sniper: Not only that, but I'm also a Hero Recon Team member!
Elder and Younger sister penguin: Uh, what is HRT?
Mark Sniper: HRT is a spy division for Hero Factory. Don't you know?
Elder sister penguin: Oh yeah! I remembered in 2012 Harmony Bear told me that in 2011 my owner complained that Lego could not send the Hero Recon Team figure to Singapore, so how the brick did you get here, anyways?
Mark Sniper: I was built by your owner, Elder sister penguin. I think just about a few days ago. Forgotten when.
Elder sister penguin: Alright... Do you want to meet my friends?
Mark Sniper: Sure, why not?
*Duckie and Harmony Bear come in*
Duckie: Um, penguins, what is this all about and for?
Elder sister penguin: You won't believe this Duckie! Our owner's Hero toy can talk!
Duckie: Are you serious?
Mark Sniper: *Stands in front of Duckie* Yes, she is serious.
Duckie: AHHHHHH!!!! *Runs away*
Mark Sniper: *Sighs* Well, I guess that is the most common reaction when a toy talks.
Elder sister penguin: Well, nobody's scared of us when we talk!
Mark Sniper: Am I too scary or what?
Elder sister penguin: Maybe you aren't... *Checks up on my post about Orguz and sees Plamb's comment:'Orguz looks a bit scary...Haha.'* Yep, you aren't. There's this guy named Orguz who is scarier than you!
Orguz: Did somebody just said my name and who is this Plamb guy?
Elder sister penguin: Well, I did and I'm afraid Plamb wouldn't want to reveal his true identity.
Orguz: Did you see Bruizulk?
Elder sister penguin: Who is he?
Orguz: Never mind, I'll find him myself. *Walks away*
Younger sister penguin: Can we continue with what we are talking about...
Bruizulk: Where's Orguz? I need to talk to him.
Elder sister penguin: He just walked away.
Bruizulk: Thanks! *Chases after Orguz*
Elder sister penguin: Are these 2 guys good friends or best friends?
Mark Sniper: They best friends and I met them during the huge brain attack invasion.
*Younger and Elder sister penguin falls asleep*
Mark Sniper: Hello? Are you still sleeping? NVM, might as well practice my sniping skills.
These are the MOCs and soft toys I used for this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin


Mark Sniper


Written by Lynn


  1. You forgot about Duckie!! Funnies. Plamb:)

    1. I know, forgot to put by accident. Hey, you like me featuring your comment? :p
      Reply by Lynn

  2. Kept sneakily laughing... Hahaha. Plamb:)


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