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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soft toys talking 3

*After the school holidays...*
Younger sister penguin: Aw! School again! I really wish to stay with you every single second!
Elder sister penguin: I'm afraid that can't happen any sooner... until we graduate from school that is.
Younger sister penguin: *Face palms*
Elder sister penguin: Oh well, you have to. See you after school!
Younger sister penguin: Bye bye sis! *Boards school bus* (Yes she takes school bus because Softcutie kindergarden is very far)
Elder sister penguin: Bye! *Waves hand*
*School bus leaves*
Elder sister penguin: (Thinking) Oh well, I suppose I can invite my friends for lunch again... *Takes her phone and calls Duckie first.*
*Duckie's phone rings*
Duckie: Duckie speaking, who's calling?
Elder sister penguin: Elder sister penguin. Would you like to come for lunch?
Duckie: Sure! I'll get Harmony Bear to come too.
Elder sister penguin: Thanks! I was about to call her to invite her!
Duckie: No worries. Happy weekday! *Ends call*
Elder sister penguin: *Starts preparing the food*
*1 hour later...*
Elder sister penguin: Ah... finally. Now I can take a rest till...*Looks at clock* YIKES! I NEED TO FETCH YOUNGER SISTER PENGUIN IN 2 AND A HALF HOURS!!!! *Runs around screaming*
Door bell: Ding dong!
Elder sister penguin: *Stops running and gets to the door.* Hi, Duckie and Harmony Bear.
Duckie: Hi. You look so worried. What's wrong?
Harmony bear: Yeah, tell us!
Elder sister penguin: *Heaves a deep sigh* Well, when I invited you guys, I forgot that I would take 1 hour to prepare everything and I think I hardly have time for lunch!
Duckie: *Looks at clock* Come on, you have more than an hour to eat! No rush there, right?
Elder sister penguin: Oh yeah... I was worried over nothing. *Embarrassed*
Duckie: Never mind, it's not like we can always avoid mistakes. Let's start eating!
*Everybody starts to eat*

Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger sister penguin and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear


Written by Lynn


  1. Harmony bear only said one sentance... Haha:) Plamb:)

    1. Oh yeah, Lol. How come you spelled sentence wrongly?
      Reply by Lynn


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