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Friday, April 26, 2013

Interview with Hero Factory MOCs: Shaun Burst(My self MOC)

Here's an interview of my Hero Factory self MOC, Shaun Burst!
Elder sister penguin: Burst, how's life?
Shaun Burst: Just a little bit of miscellaneous brain catching and hanging out with my team. Also, after my most recent brain attack mission, I went back to my home planet and found a bionicle torso and it looks a bit dusty. Sometimes, I do wonder if a bionicle guy was on my home planet.
Elder sister penguin: So that's how Swordsman came to Hero Factory?
Amos Swordman: *Walks in with a confused look*Did somebody called me?
Elder sister penguin: CUT!!!!!!!
Harmony Bear: *Stops the camera* Why in the world must this always happen?
Elder sister penguin: Swordsman, I'm putting you next in line for the interview!
Amos Swordman: Yikes! *Runs away*
Elder sister penguin: And action! *Harmony Bear starts the camera.*
Shaun Burst: Yeah... Literally. Uh, do you know why do I have red and purple on my body?
Elder sister penguin: Because our owner's favourite colour is purple and her second favourite colour is red! Oh, do you like your new lightning sniper riffle?
Shaun Burst: Sure I do! It's more better than the last version!
Duckie: Hey guys, can we chat for a little bit?
Elder sister penguin: CUT! *Harmony Bear stops the camera.* I'm halfway through an interview! *face palms*
Duckie: Oh, sorry. *Walks away*
Elder sister penguin: And action!*Harmony Bear starts the camera* Do you like getting fame by being my owner's profile picture on facebook?
Shaun Burst: What? I am? How come I didn't know that?!
Elder sister penguin: Because you are only on your so called 'HeroBook'.
Shaun Burst: Yeah, whatever.
Harmony Bear: *Starts giggling.*
Elder sister penguin: Cut!
Harmony Bear: *Still giggling.*
Elder sister penguin: I SAID CUT!
Harmony Bear: *Starts laughing out loudly*
Elder sister penguin: I SAID CUT!!!!!!! >:(
Harmony Bear: Sorry! *Stops the camera* Hoped you like this interview!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOCs mentioned in this post.

Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear

Shaun Burst(Yes, he is updated since the last time
you saw him.)
Amos Swordsman

Written by Lynn

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