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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interview with Hero Factory MOCs: Merrick Fortis(Breakout)

Here's a interview of Merrick Fortis in breakout form!
Elder sister penguin: Hey Merrick! How do you feel when Lego didn't make a breakout form or brain attack form of you?
Merrick Fortis: Extremely mad.Well, literally.
Elder sister penguin: Really? That's sad. So far, how many members are in HRT?
Merrick Fortis: Too many for me to count. *face palms*
Elder sister penguin: Oh.
Smarty: Elder sister penguin, can we play another game?
Elder sister penguin: (Thinking) Not again...(Speaking) CUT!!!!!!
Harmony Bear: *Stops the camera.* Seriously? All these interruption are making me go circles.
Elder sister penguin: Later, okay? Wait for me to finish this interview.
Smarty: *sigh* Alright... *Walks away grumpily*
Elder sister penguin: And action! *Harmony Bear starts the camera* Oh, I just remembered Hero Factory has came out with a new torso design and built Amos Swordsman(MOC's coming to the blog soon.)!
Fortis: Really? I wanna check him out!
Elder sister penguin: However, he prefers being alone, and whoever that knocks his door while his meditating usually doesn't get a good return.
Fortis: Is that suppose to be a warning?
Elder sister penguin: *Rolls her eyes* Yes.
Tubbie: Has the interview ended?
Elder sister penguin: CUT!!!!!*Harmony Bear stops the camera* To answer your question, no.
Tubbie: Geez. Oh well... *Crawls away.*
Elder sister penguin: And action. *Harmony Bear starts the camera again*
Fortis: Aw, I really want to see how the new torso looks like.
Elder sister penguin: Well, if he's lurking around the streets, you can.
Fortis: Okay?
Elder sister penguin: Cut!
Harmony Bear: *Stops the camera* That's the end of the interview! Hoped you like it!
Elder sister penguin:*Leaves the room with Harmony Bear and talks to her.* How are people going to like this when it has so much silly interruption?
Harmony Bear: Well, that's what makes this funny!
Elder sister penguin: You have a point there. :p
Here's the pictures of the soft toys and Lego Hero Factory MOCs mentioned in this post.

Elder sister penguin



Harmony Bear

Merrick Fortis
Written by Lynn

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