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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interview with Lego Hero Factory MOCs-Orguz

Here's my new series of posts, called 'Interview with Lego Hero Factory MOCs*! Basically, Elder sister penguin will interview each MOC that I made. For a head start, the first guy will be Orguz!
Elder sister penguin: Hey Orguz! How's life?
Orguz: Great, but with a lot of people misunderstanding me as a villain and it's quite annoying. Plus, sometimes the heroes just hit me when they misunderstood. *face palms*
Elder sister penguin: Okay? Hey, let's get Duckie into the interview!
Duckie: *Steps grumpily into the interviewing room.* Yes? What do you want?
Elder sister penguin: Here's Orguz! *Points to Orguz.*
Duckie: GAHHHHH!!!! CORRUPTED CREATURE!!!! *Runs away.*
Orguz: See?
Cole Rocka: *Steps in for no apparent reason* What is exactly happening here?
Elder sister penguin: INTERVIEWIES!
Cole Rocka: What again? Didn't quite catch that.
Elder sister penguin: It's the interviewing room!
Cole Rocka: Yikes! Are going to interview me next?
Elder sister penguin: I don't know, but I may if I find you lurking around!
Cole Rocka: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Runs away.*
Orguz: Can we continue?
Elder sister penguin: Yes. How is it like being called scary?
Orguz: Trust me, I've never looked in the mirror before, so I don't know.
Elder sister penguin: How is it like being the king of your species?
Orguz: Totally A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! I can command them to do whatever I want! How cool is that!
Elder sister penguin: Um, you can leave now. BTW, that's the end of the interview!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Lego Hero Factory Figures mentioned in this post.


Cole Rocka
Elder sister penguin

Written by Lynn

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