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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lego Hero Recon Team MOC: Robert Claw

Here's my Lego Hero Recon Team MOC, Robert Claw! For those who don't know, this info is for you.
Hero Recon Team was made as a spy division to help Hero Factory spy on the villains to collect info and let Hero Factory get ready for it. It was released in 2011 and had the exclusive black and silver chest plate. However, in April 2012, it was closed down due to people are building it but not buying them.
Okay, enough of the info, here's a picture of him.

Here's his stats:
Special power: Amour piercing
Stealth: 2
Attack: 10
Speed: 6
Defense: 3
Intelligence: 4
Here's his profile:
Form: 2.5(Because of claw arm)
Weapons: Claw arm
Colours: White, Dark pearl grey/gunmetal grey, Translucent red and a odd blue head.(2.5) White, blue and gunmetal grey/dark pearl grey
Personalty: Hot headed, impatient, fierce and kind hearted.
Affiliation: Hero Recon Team
Team: ???
Location: Makuhero City
Status: Alive, active
Background: Claw was a young rookie who was built as a 2.5 hero during breakout at the Hero Recon Team assembly tower. However, he didn't have any animal powers because at that time, he was only staying in Hero Recon Team's base while Fortis and a few others went there to investigate. He was handed to the care of Sniper as he was a veteran. He trained him for months, but it seemed that there's no way he could master stealth. His strongest skill was forever attack. As the claw was rather large, he used to always fall down from the weight of the claw. Now that he is used to it, he refuses to change his weapon and will forever stay with his claw.

Custom Form:
After he became a veteran, he was upgraded as a form of reward. Most red was removed from him and he had a change of visor.

Written by Lynn

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