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Monday, April 1, 2013

Soft toys talking 5(Happy April fools!)

Here's soft toys talking 5!
Elder sister penguin/Fortune penguin: What kind of fortune do you want, Younger sister penguin?

Younger sister penguin: I would like to have lots of money to buy Lego friends sets!
Elder sister penguin/Fortune penguin: There you go! *Snake comes out*   Happy April fools!
Younger sister penguin: GAHHHHHHHH!!!!! *Runs around 
Video of the prank Elder sister penguin played on Younger sister penguin.

Elder sister penguin: *Laughs* Why must you be so scared? Don't you like my prank?
Younger sister penguin: NO! YOU SCARED ME OUT OF MY WITS!
Elder sister penguin: Sorry.
*Duckie and Harmony Bear walks in.*
Duckie: Hey guys! We'll marry today instead of in the June holidays!
Elder and Younger sister penguin: CONGRATS!!!
Harmony Bear: Happy April fools! We tricked you and the day when we will marry is still in the June holidays!
Elder sister penguin: Are you kidding me? How can you make a joke out of this?!

Younger sister penguin: Yeah!
Here's a video of Duckie and Harmony Bear playing a trick on the two penguins:

Harmony Bear: Well, we couldn't come up with other jokes. But Duckie still had a good laugh with it. *Points to Duckie*
Duckie: *Laughs* ROFLOL!!!!(Roll on floor laugh out loud) *Laughs so loudly that all the soft toys stares at him.* What?
Elder sister penguin: You are laughing so loudly till I can't even hear myself. >:(
Duckie: Sorry. *Embarrassed*
Elder sister penguin: Harmony, do you think our owner is going to trick us?
Harmony Bear: I don't think so. I have been with her for so long and so far she never played a trick on me during April fools. (She's serious about this sentence.)
Snake: When were you here?
Harmony Bear: I think in 2008 I'm here already. Forgot when.
Snake: Elder sister penguin, you might want to thank me for letting you use me in your prank.
Elder sister penguin: Thanks!
Snake: Why are we chatting non-stop? Oh, BTW, can you get your HRT friends down here? I want to see if they will make a prank...
Elder sister penguin: There's a cockroach on your head.
Younger sister penguin: That's a joke, right?
Elder sister penguin: THERE IS A COCKROACH!
Younger sister penguin: *Touches her head and realizes that there is a cockroach and it flies away right after it got touched.* GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Elder sister penguin: Wow! Thank goodness they worked! I was testing this robot out because I really want to make some robots to help me in cooking for the future!
Younger sister penguin: O_O(Eye roll) You have got to be kidding me.
Elder sister penguin: I'm not. Oh, I'm going to build some robots! Bye!*Runs away*
*All the soft toys stare at each other*
Snake: Hey Duckie, there's a scratch on your foot.
Duckie: Huh? *Looks at feet*
Snake: Happy April fools!
Duckie: *Face palm*
Here's a video of Snake playing a trick on Duckie:

(PS: There's an error in the video- Why is Elder sister penguin still there?! Didn't she run away? :p)

*Everybody laughs except Duckie*
Duckie: What's so funny?!
Harmony Bear: We better stop the conversation. This is getting way too long for our followers to read.
*All the soft toys say fare well to each other and leave.*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.


Younger sister penguin and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear

Written by Lyn

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  1. What is scratch? I thought scratch is scratching your head? Btw your post is super:) Plamb:)


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