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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soft toys talking 8

*Elder sister penguin plays the game 'Monopoly' on her phone. Then, all of her friends come into the house along with Younger sister penguin.*
Smarty: What are you playing,Elder sister penguin?
Tubbie: I was just about to ask that! *face palms*
Elder sister penguin: I'm playing the monopoly app on my phone! I'm just playing with computer players and the max players is 4.
Harmony Bear: Perhaps 2 people will have to stay out of the game till it ends.
Duckie: Aw snap!
Younger sister penguin: Can I play first, please?
Elder sister penguin: Alright, wait for me to exit the game first.*Press the pause button. Then, saves and exits.* I think the younger ones will get to play first, which is my younger sister, Smarty and Tubbie. Sorry Harmony and Duckie, but I promise you that you'll get to play once we finish!
Duckie and Harmony Bear: Okay! *Takes out their smartphone and play games*
Elder sister penguin: *Changes all settings to human and changes her token to wheelbarrow.* So, Younger sister penguin, which token would you like and which colour?
Younger sister penguin: I want pink colour and the car token!(I love using the car token whether I play on the phone or the actual board game! Seriously!)
Elder sister penguin: *Does the things her younger sister wants.* Smarty, you're next.

Smarty: Yellow and ship token please!
Elder sister penguin: *Does the things Smarty wants.* Which token do you want, Tubbie?
Tubbie: I want the newer version of a car token.
Elder sister penguin: Okay! *Changes it* Everybody ready?
Younger sister penguin, Smarty and Tubbie: Yes!
Elder sister penguin: There we go! *Presses the tick button* Aw, you get to start first, Tubbie!
Tubbie: I know. *Shakes the phone to roll the dice.* Yay! I got a 6 and I get to buy property for $100!
Elder sister penguin: Mine! *Shakes phone* My property only costs $60!
The rest: So good...
Smarty: *Does his turn and gets taxed.* Little did I know I would be that unlucky!
*Everybody who is playing the game except Smarty laughs*

Younger sister penguin: *Does her turn and buys a $120 property* Why this so expensive?
Elder sister penguin: No idea.
*After a minute of playing...*
Tubbie: Why did you trade with me? Also, thanks for the cash!
Elder sister penguin: You have no idea what I'm up to... *Does her turn and gets to snatch $10 from all players* Yay!
Younger sister penguin, Smarty and Tubbie: Aw man!
Smarty: *Does his turn and his token goes to jail* WHY AM I SO UNLUCKY???!!!
Younger and Elder sister penguin and Tubbie: IDK
Tubbie: *Does his turn and his token accompanies Smarty's.* Unlucky...
Younger sister penguin: *Declines the trade Elder sister penguin makes to her.* (Thinking) I knew she would do that to get houses...
Elder sister penguin: Come on! You must be kidding me! *Rolls dice on my phone and steps on her younger sister's property and pays $22* AW MAN!!!!!
Younger sister penguin: Tee hee hee...
Smarty: *Trades $30 for the 'get out of jail' free card from Elder sister penguin*
Elder sister penguin: (Thinking) You must be crazy to do that. *Declines the trade.*
Smarty: Oh man! Hope for my best for doubles! *Rolls and doesn't get a double.* Geez...
Younger sister penguin: *Does her turn and her token goes to jail* WHY?!
Tubbie: *Does his turn and gets deducted off $100(Including getting out of jail and Doctor's fee on community chest* Cheez.... Ridiculous...
Elder sister penguin: *Does her turn and gets taxed.* I wonder why are we so unlucky today...
*After a round it goes back to Elder sister penguin and passes buying the Pennsylvania Railroad* (Tubbie bids $750 for that property.)
Elder sister penguin: (Mumbling) You must be crazy to bid that high just for a station...
Tubbie: *Does his turn and goes back to prison.* Seriously...
Elder sister penguin: *Does her turn and buys another red property.Then, trades with Tubbie a small cheap brown property for the other red property to complete the set so that she can build houses.* *Sees that Tubbie accepts her trade.* (Thinking) You are seriously a newbie...
*After a round, it goes back to Elder sister penguin.*
Elder sister penguin: *Passes the Water Works and won by Tubbie for bidding $300* (Thinking) I'm tired of playing with such weak newbies...
Tubbie: Darn! I'm broke!
*Everybody acts like they're deaf as they know he actually did a lot of mistakes in the auctions.*
Smarty: *Pretends to pass the property and gets it for $1* Wow, that's a cheap one.
*After finishing the game...*
Elder sister penguin: Wow, looks like Smarty lost first! Younger sister penguin second to lose, and Tubbie last to lose! Yay! I won!!!! But then again, I'm a expert playing with 1 rookie and 2 veterans.
Smarty: *Embarrassed.*
Elder sister penguin: *Blows a whistle-like sound to Harmony Bear and Duckie signalling that they can come and play now.* (Thinking) Playing with friends older than me will surely be harder!
Stay tuned for round 2 of Monopoly on Soft toys talking 9! Here's the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear



Tubbie(Yes, he has an eye missing because it dropped and I couldn't find it.)

Written by Lynn


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