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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lego Bionicle Toa and Matoran MOC: Lightfire

Here's my Bionicle Toa and Matoran MOC, Lightfire! In case you don't know, Bionicle was the theme that was before Hero Factory and Hero Factory was its replacement. Anyway, here's a picture of it.

Toa Form
Matoran form

Here's his profile.
Name: Lightfire
Elements: (Matoran)Fire,(Toa) Fire and lighting
Weapons: (Matoran) None, (Toa) Lightning Sniper riffle and fire and lighting blade, shoulder-mounted lightning blaster
Matoran skills: Unlike most of the other Ta-Matoran, he is great at building weapons which are a little oversized for a Matoran to use instead of making masks. The weapon size were more usable for the Toa.(Which he became Toa himself and used the weapons he made as a Matoran)
Personality: Unlike most other Toa of Fire, his personality was more of like the Toa of Ice, but with an exception-he will never ever join a Toa Team, even if required. He prefers to stay alone and do the job of fighting for justice in Spherus Magna, which is where all of the Toa currently alive are living and he is living inside the Great Volcano along with the rest of the fire toa. 
Kanohi: Akaku, mask of X-ray vision
Matoran life:
Lightfire was a Ta-Matoran living on Ta Metru before Teridax's death. Unlike other Ta-Matoran, he did not take up all the usual jobs. Instead, he made weapons and was fascinated with the bolts of lightning that he sees during storms. Somehow, his weapons are always way too large for the Matoran but the right size for the Toa. The materials he used for the weapons are rare materials found in lava.
How he became a Toa with 2 elements:
Once, after he was sold out of weapons for the Toa, he closed the shop and he went to another part of Metru Nui and sat in his small quickly built hut to enjoy seeing the lightning bolts of the storm. Then, he saw a Toa running outside and that Toa held a lot of Toa Stones in his hands. He accidentally dropped a Toa Stone outside Lightfire's small hut door. When he activated the Toa Stone, the influence of the environment made him have the element of both Lightning and Fire.
Toa Life:
Once he was transformed into a Toa, he went back to Ta Metru and took 3 of the weapons he made as a Matoran which were the lightning blaster, lightning sniper riffle and fire and lightning blade. The lightning blaster was put on his shoulder as he didn't want to hold it on hand. His fire and Lightning blade was put at the back and he will only use it for close ranged fighting(Which he doesn't do often when fighting). He held his lightning sniper riffle on his hand because he liked to stand back and shoot at his enemies rather then going straight into the battlefield and fight. After Teridax's death, like other Toa, he evacuated to Spherus Magna. He is forging weapons in the Volcano for other Toa as he doesn't really have much to do after the death/disappearance of most villains.
Fact: Lightfire's mask is a Kanohi Akaku made in a shape of an Kanohi Ignika.(So it's not the Mask of life.)(But the piece itself is the Ignika. :P) 
Here's a picture of another weapon he has built and also the one he sold to the Toa(And Matoran too) when he was a Matoran.

Multi shot gun

His first gun was the Multi shot gun. Although this is the smallest weapon he has made, it was also the hottest guns that he sold because of how the size fits both Matoran and Toa. This was also when he discovered his talent of making weapons.
That's it for now and I hope you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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