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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lego Galaxy Squad MOC: Alien wiper

Here's my Lego Galaxy Squad MOC, the Alien Wiper! Here are 3 pictures of it.

Split function mode 1: part with the minigun, the laser and fire guns detaches from vehicle and leaves the blue laser gun with a small blue projectile shooter as the only weapon of the vehicle. The part with the 2 very damaging weapons flies of as a drone to fight the aliens

Split function mode 2: the 2 very dangerous weapons swivels upwards and detaches from the wheels as an escape pod. The wheels will roll on the ground until it reaches their HQ.
Background: The 'Alien Wiper' was a vehicle that can be used to wipe out a lot of aliens in one time, hence its name. Its minigun can shoot out bullets in a rate of them coming out in 0.03 seconds. It also has a gun which shoots both fire and laser towards the aliens. These are sure to scare them off. The laser can also do some incredible damage, which is partly the reason why most aliens will run of from seeing this thing. It also has a blue laser gun with a small projectile weapon on top, which makes this thing a battle machine. However, sometimes if Solomon needs a quick escape(Sometimes there are too many brave aliens who are shooting at his vehicle), he can press the escape pod function to escape at full speed, while the wheels roll themselves back to their HQ.
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Written by Lynn

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