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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Jeremy Sureshot

Here's my Lego Hero Factory MOC, Jeremy Sureshot! Here are 2 pictures of him.

Jeremy Sureshot(With only the double metal spear shooter)

Jeremy Sure shot (With the double metal spear shooter and Sonic Boom cannon)
Here's his profile.
Name: Jeremy Sureshot
Form: Breakout
Weapons: Double metal spear shooter and Sonic boom cannon
Colours: Bright green, silver and gunmetal grey/dark pearl grey
Personality: Jeremy Sureshot is the top 4th hero in Hero Factory and always helps the rookies in their needs. He can also be a little stubborn at times, and only listens to himself rather then taking others' opinions.
Affiliation: Hero Factory
Team: None, unless assigned to form a temporary team to fight a villain
Status: Alive, active
Background: Jeremy Sureshot was a hero built in the days on the 1.0, and had a similar look to both Dunkan Bulk and Kirk Thresher. His primary colour was silver which was same as Dunkan Bulk while his secondary colour was bright green like Kirk Thresher. He held the same weapons as Kirk Thresher too.
After receiving the upgrade, he got an upgraded version of the Sonic Boom cannon weapon and the single barreled gun similar to the one held by Thresher and Bulk was upgraded to a double metal spear shooter. Whenever he is off duty, he is usually not seen holding both the Sonic boom cannon and the double metal spear shooter. He usually only has the double metal sphere shooter with him when off duty. He used to be good friends with Thresher, but because he was sent to another planet for security, they haven't been contacting each other lately. He also seems to have a tendancy to use both of his weapons and aim at the villain, shooting with both at the same time. He was also sent an invitation to Hero Recon Team, and he accepted.
Written by Lynn

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