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Monday, July 15, 2013

The chronicles of Pyrax episode 2: The destruction

First of, I want to say sorry that I did not post anything at 9.30 AM, it was because I did not have drafts that were available for posting and I had 3, one was the story of the betrayal of Ryan which is still in process of writing, and the other 2 were soft toys talking 5 and 7 in Chinese but both were made in English during April and I didn't find it appropriate to post them now because this year's April fools has passed and I was thinking if I should post them in the next April fools... anyway to the video.

Pyrax goes to Makuhero City and causes destruction with his lava claws and flame thrower. In the recording, it is shown that one of the citizens of Makuhero City is trying to escape from him as he burns down a part of Makuhero City. Meanwhile, through the announcement making system, Zib asks for 4 heroes to report to mission control to receive the mission briefing. Stringer feels sad that they didn't choose him for a mission since he didn't participate in Brain Attack.
That's it for now and I hoped you like it!
Written by Lynn

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