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Monday, September 9, 2013

Softtoy book chat 1

*On the computer screen of Harmony Bear, she goes to soft toy book to chat. She sees the tittle of the chatroom as 'Soft Toys book chat 1*
Harmony Bear: What's up with this? How come I see softtoy book chat 1 on the tittle?
Elder sister penguin: *Joins the chat* IDK(I don't know).
Duckie: *Joins the chat* Urm, Harmony Bear, when are we going to buy a new house for both of us to stay?
Harmony Bear: Don't discuss that now!
Duckie: Okay...
Tubbie: *Joins the chat* What's up guys?
Elder brother Smiley: *Joins the chat* What's up with that title?
Duckie: Huh? What tittle?
Elder brother Smiley: There! /\
Duckie: *Scrolls up his computer screen and sees the tittle* O_o
Harmony Bear: Erm, that's what I was asking.
Elder sister penguin: Is our owner recording our chat?! :O
Harmony Bear: Are you serious?
Duckie: How would she? I mean, I thought this webpage is protected from hacking?
Elder sister penguin: I don't mean hacking, I mean like, just seeing what we are posting and then she's gonna copy and post it on her blog.
Tubbie: Seriously? *Face palms*
Elder brother Smiley: *Sarcastically*Hey Duckie, where's your 'little brother'?
Duckie: Baby Duckie is NOT my brother! D:<
Elder brother Smiley: Come on, can't you just take a joke for once? -_-
Duckie: Not these kind of jokes!
Elder brother Smiley: I put 'Sarcastically' in front of my sentence which means it's a joke!
Duckie: Oh... I sort of skipped that... :P
Elder brother Smiley: *Face palm*
Harmony Bear: Everybody here is asking that!Tubbie: Weirder still, I never seen tittles of chatrooms auto-named!
Elder brother Smiley: Did anybody see a Lego advertisement on the side of the chatroom?
Harmony Bear: Yeah. Why?
Duckie: Let me see what happens when we click on it. Wait, I may be exiting the chat for awhile. Bye!
*Duckie clicks on the advertisement and the page reads:
*Outside of chatroom...*
Duckie: (Thinking)What the?! That Lego advertisement leads to a scam?! I better go back to the chatroom and tell them!*Goes to is NOT a real website. I repeat, this is not a real website, so don't bother typing this in the search box).Then, he clicks 'Chatroom' and then clicks 'Group chat'. After that, he clicks on the chatroom tittled 'Softtoy book chat 1'
*In the chat again...*
Duckie: *Joins the chat again* GUYS! The Lego Advertisement on the side leads to a scam!
Elder sister penguin: Wait, pardon me?
Duckie: I said, the Lego ad on the side leads to a scam! Although, the Lego company isn't a scam. Who is so cruel to make use of Lego advertisements to get traffic to their website?!
Elder sister penguin: IDK.
Harmony Bear: Same here.
Elder brother Smiley: IDK too.
Tubbie: Who would know?
Smarty: *Joins the chat* What's going on?
Duckie: See that Lego ad on the side?
Smarty: Yeah, why?
Duckie: It's a scam!
Smarty: Lego is a scam?
Duckie: No, the ad is a scam, the Lego company is not!
Smarty: Oh.
Tubbie: Who thinks that our owner should buy the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 set say 'YAY!', if not, say 'BOO!'.
Elder sister penguin: YAY!
Duckie: BOO!
Harmony Bear: YAY!
Smarty: YAY!
Elder brother Smiley: BOO!
Tubbie: BOO! Wait, let me tally the results... Ah! Here I am!
Yay!: 3
Boo!: 3
Erm... so the total tally is a tie? :S
Duckie: Unless there's a tie breaker!
Pineapple: *Joins the chat* Did somebody say about a tie breaker?
Duckie: Yes. Tubbie was having vote on whether our owner should buy the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 set.
Pineapple: Okay... Wait, is it about robots?
Duckie: Yes.
Pineapple: YAY!
Tubbie: And the final tally is.... YAY WON!!!
Elder sister penguin: YAY!!! Our owner really should buy that!
Duckie:  Erm, I need to go off now. I have to meet my client. Bye! *Leaves chat*
Smarty: My parents are back! I need to go off too. Bye! *Leaves chat*
Harmony Bear: I'm going to take a nap. Bye! *Leaves chat*
Tubbie: Oh my... my parents are back too! Bye! *Leaves chat*
Elder sister penguin: Oh no, my sister is wanting me to help her do some things again! Bye! *Leaves chat*
Pineapple: Oh man! Only we are left.
Elder brother Smiley: Actually, I need to go off too. Bye! *Leaves chat*
Pineapple: Oh man! I just came in and everybody started leaving! Oh well... I guess I'm going off too. *Leaves chat*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys participating in this chat.

Duckie and Harmony Bear

Elder sister penguin



Elder brother Smiley
Written by Lynn
*The 'link' in this post that was supposed to be on 'here' is actually fake. I'm just creating an illusion that there is a link to click. Please don't ask me why the word 'here' cannot be clicked.

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