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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lego Ninjago story: The greater weapons of power: The axe of water

Here's the next story in my Lego ninjago story series called 'The greater weapons of power', and this is about the adventures of the 4 destined ninjas and the ninja sensei getting their next weapon of greater power!

After the retrieval of the twin swords of lava, they had planned to set of for the axe of water after a good night's sleep, but their weapon was stolen by a nindroid, thus, having their next weapon's adventure a little delayed. While they did drive out around half of the nindroids by the roaring alert, there was still another half that was sneakily waiting inside for them to ambush them. Though even after a good fight, the ninjas managed to go for their next weapon with teamwork(Didn't know what happened in the beginning? Check out 'Lego Ninjago story: The greater weapons of power: The twin swords of lava' now!)
Chapter 1: Next destination: Axe of water
The steam at the Nindroid HQ cleared, and all the nindroids saw was just the grass and trees outside their HQ. The ninjas were no longer there.
"What?! No! The ninjas are gone!" General Wrytar cried. As for how the nindroid army had really assembled, it was that an evil warlord had wanted power, but his evil nindroid minions were failed prototypes, thus, Wrytar betrayed his creator with the other failed prototypes. Being evil and wanting to take the weapons of greater power into his own hands after learning about it, he wished to use this army to get the weapons into his own hands to set off for making his own land- a land which he would rule. Wrytar sighed, and told his most trusted nindroid warrior, and in fact, he even gave him a name which was Dyno.
"Dyno, I got a mission for you," Wrytar told Dyno.
"What is it, leader?" Dyno asked. Wrytar signaled for him to come closer and told him, "Go to the lake called 'Sacred Lake' to get the axe of water. I'll be giving you an upgrade that is waterproof as you are currently not waterproof, and the weapon just happens to be hidden underwater. After you get upgraded, you can choose the keep the upgrade on or downgrade back to your original form."
Dyno obeyed his orders, did what he was told by Wrytar and went to the Sacred Lake with the nindroid tank.
The ninjas, on the dragon, were flying straight to their destination, which is at a lake, called 'Sacred Lake'.
"Sensei, why are we heading for the lake for a weapon?" Jordan asked in curiousity.
"Well, you see, the axe of water is actually hidden in the lake, and the lake also has a secret door in the rocks, like what happened in the mountain previously," Jovan replied. The whole journey was almost plain quiet, except for Jordan's questioning. They finally reached the destination and landed. 
Chapter 2: The grabbing of the axe
Meanwhile, Dyno was hiding behind the tree nearest to the lake, while the ninjas were slightly further away. He knew this is the only chance that he could take the weapons and flee, so he jumped into the water and swam in the Sacred Lake. Meanwhile, the ninja were still deciding who should dive in the lake with Jovan. 
Dyno scanned for the hidden entrance under the water and finally found it. The problem is, he didn't know how to open it, so he scanned it further. Then, his sensors detected the ninjas coming, so he had turned on his cloaking system, and decided to do a sneak attack on them once they had gotten the weapon.
Jovan and Jordan went into the water and they were also trying to find the weapon, though they didn't know their enemy had arrived earlier than they did. Jovan saw the secret door and opened it with ease. He went into the secret entrance and Jordan followed along. Dyno saw that they are going inside while still in his cloaking and also followed, still not turning off his cloak.
The ninja of water and the ninja sensei saw the weapon and took it out and gave it to Jordan.
"Woo hoo! I got the axe of water!" Jordan exclaimed in excitement.
"Keep it down, Jordan. It's not like we want an enemy to notice us," Jovan reminded Jordan. Suddenly, Dyno took his chance and stole the weapon from Jordan's hands. Jordan looked and cried, "Where did the axe go?! It was on my hands just now!" Jovan didn't know either and only saw the axe floating and moving by itself in the water, since he didn't know it was actually Dyno taking the weapon.
On land, the ninjas were chatting about a lot of different things and then, Dyno came out of the water, still not turning off his cloaking and ran away with the weapon in his tank, with ease. Jordan was panicking over the lost of the weapon non-stop under water while Jovan tried to pull him up to the surface. Finally, he managed to pull him up to the surface completely and Jordan had a traumatised look on his face. When Mike saw them, he told the other 2 ninjas that Jordan needed help and they rushed to him. Before Mike could even ask his question, Sensei Jovan told them, "The axe was taken away from Jordan's hands by surprise, and we don't know where had the axe gone. Also, the main problem is that there's no guardian for this weapon-"
"Maybe there is!" Nicholas interrupted, pointing to a dragon that rose from the water and roared. The ninjas turned and saw the dragon, roaring as loudly as it could, like what had happened with the dragon of lava. Jovan then knocked his spear on the ground and convinced the dragon that they were good. Then, Jovan pointed his spear at traumatised Jordan. Jovan knocked his spear on the ground once again to ask the dragon if it could detect where the axe had gone. The dragon roared again and Jovan knocked his staff on the ground to get the ninjas' attention.
"The axe of water is at the nindroids HQ!" Jovan announced. Jordan stood up and yelled, "WHAT?! Not those stupid pesky nindroids again!"
"Evil will do anything for the greater weapons of power, because they hold a greater level of power than the golden weapons," Jovan replied.
"Well, if that's the case, I guess our little dragon here can take us!" Jordan said, pointing to the dragon of Mike's.
"So we're gonna make a trip to their HQ again? Good grief..." Mike moaned, annoyed.
"Well, if that's what it takes to get back the weapon, yes," Jovan answered. However, another nindroid secretly sent by Wrytar was watching their conversation and used the chance to take the twin swords away, since it was on the ground and went back on another nindroid tank. Then, when they were climbing up the dragon for another ride, John saw that the twin swords of lava were gone. He alerted them, "Guys! The swords are gone!"
Jordan crossed his arms and uttered, "I bet it was those nindroids again. Who else would have taken them?"
"Guys, cut the chat and get back our weapons already!" Mike complained. Then, John continued climbing up the dragon and they set off for the weapons.
Chapter 3: Laser trouble
While the ninjas were flying on Mike's dragon to the Nindroid's headquarters, all of the sudden, several laser beams were shot at them. Fortunately, they were able to dodge the laser beams, but there were more and more of them. While the dragon was still dodging, John looked down, but couldn't detect where was the source. However, he got shot down by a laser beam.
"Woaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" he howled. Occupied by the laser trouble, the ninjas still on the dragon didn't hear John and he was still falling. However, while falling, he saw what, or who, was firing the lasers. It was automated laser guns! But, he still didn't see what was the source of power for these laser guns. The laser guns kept shooting at John, and since he can't dodge properly, he was shot and he blacked out.
Meanwhile, Wrytar was observing the laser guns system he installed a mile away from the nindroids HQ as a front line defense. Upon seeing the ninja of nature falling in the air, unconscious, he smiled, though that really wasn't apparent since his mask covered his mouth. He thought, One ninja down, 4 to go. He was thinking of how to get rid all 4 ninjas in one go while a nindroid interrupted him, telling him a possible plan to get rid of all 4 ninjas before they get to the headquarters, since he could tell what his leader was thinking since the nindroids can read each other's plans. Wrytar smiled at his nindroid warrior, and replied, "Thank you for the suggestion. Now I'm going to destroy the ninjas once and for all, and NOBODY WILL STAND IN MY WAY! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" So he did the plan that was told by said nindroid, which was to injure one of the dragon's wings, left or right, so that all of the ninjas will fall over and get shot unconscious because they wouldn't be able to dodge properly in the air. When they did the said plan, that was what happened, except at the end it backfired because someone else saved them...
Chapter 4: Arguing trouble
While all of the ninjas were on the ground, unconscious, plus the lava dragon, unable to fly with a injured wing, a mysterious ninja(clicking the link will give away the mysterious ninja's name too quickly and you will not be able to guess the character by the spoilers I drop along the story! Beware!) passed by and took them to his hideout(spoiler![highlight to read]he's a ninja lonerto rest. When the ninjas awoken from the long fall and laser hit, they easily found out they were in someone else's place. When they came out of the rooms the mysterious ninja placed them in they realised the mysterious ninja had a black ninja uniform(spoiler[highlight to read]:possible elements: Earth, shadow, darkness, maelstrom, sound). The ninjas, not including Jovan, ran to him to give thanks and asked for his name, but he refused to tell. 
"You need not know my name, but you should do what you need to do for my rescue is to help you to continue saving the world," the mysterious ninja told them. He then disappeared in a cloud of black smoke and reappeared in his vehicle(the sentence itself has 2 spoilers. By reading one of my Ninjago character's background, you should be able to guess who he is by now, but I'm not revealing it on my own. Answer is the link on the first time I mentioned the mysterious ninja and also in the credits). After that, he drove away in that vehicle. Jovan dusted himself from the dust he collected from the long fall and went to the ninjas.
"Well, it's good that we did get saved... but... we're practically lost," Jovan groaned.
"Wait, whatever happened to my dragon?! Is he okay? Why didn't that mysterious ninja save my pet?!" Mike demanded an explanation.

"Mike, that was the main reason why we even went unconscious in the first place! Your dragon's wing was injured and it caused an unbalance which made us fall!" Nicholas complained.
John crossed his arms, angered. "Well, first off, I haven't even got you guys for not coming for my help when I got shot down! Secondly, Mike, you probably do realise he can't fit a dragon inside his vehicle, don't you?" John moaned.
"Oh. Eh heh heh heh... I was a little out of logic over my pet just now..." Mike scratched his head, embarrassed. 
"Well, so what do you want? Huh? John? We didn't notice! Plus we were busy with all those lasers!" Nicholas rebutted.
"Yeah, I agree with you Nicholas," Mike agreed.
"Oh come on, YOUR ARGUING IS SO NOISY!" Jordan whined.
"Well as if you weren't complaining either!" the 3 ninjas who were arguing said in unison. The arguing continued and Jovan told them to stop, but to no avail. They continued arguing and Jovan also participate in the argument as well later on.
While in the nindroids' base, Wrytar grinned. His lasers are not only able to make people unconscious, but can also make them argue later on on things they are angry at them at and also let Wrytar be able to see what was going on at his victim's place via his victim's eyes at a big screen in his HQ. Through John's eyes, he could see the argument happening in the hideout. His grin stopped when Dyno went to him and told him crashing news. He hit the table and bellowed, "What?! Y-you mean there was a flaw with my lasers? The other laser effects will wear off in a day?!"
"Erm... yes...sir..." Dyno stammered.
"HALF OF THE NINDROID TECH ARMY! FIX UP THE LASERS RIGHT AWAY! MAKE THE LASER EFFECTS LAST FOREVER!!!" Wrytar ordered. The nindroids obeyed and went ahead to fix the main path to the HQ's laser guns.
"Oh, and there's also something I would like to tell you," Dyno told Wrytar.
"Alright, fire it away," Wrytar replied ignorantly, annoyed.
"There are 3 more paths that can lead to the nindroids' HQ, so perhaps we should install more defenses?" Dyno suggested. Wrytar agreed to Dyno's plan and installed more defenses, starting with the left path.
Chapter 5: Plan backfired... or not?
After a day, the effect of the lasers wore off, and the ninjas were tired since they argued for one whole day without sleeping. Then, they went to sleep, before adventuring out later.
Meanwhile, a group of tech nindroids were fixing the after effects of the lasers, and another group of tech nindroids were making hypnotising cannons which is at the left path, which, when the sound of that the sacred flute is played, instead of curing the serpentine venom or whatsoever, causes humans to get hypnotised. Meanwhile, the leader of the tech nindroids were designing blueprints for the other 2 defenses. Wrytar knew the ninjas would be worn out from the arguing by now and would have slept, so he gotten Dyno to steal the spear of storms from the tired Jovan. Upon the success of Dyno, Wrytar grinned evilly. He had three out of five of the weapons. Once he get 2 more weapons, he will make his own land with the weapons and rule it. Soon, the tech nindroids fixed the laser systems and went to work on ice and shadow cannons on the right path, designed by the leader of the tech nindroids.
When the ninjas were up and ready for action after their big sleep, they wondered how are they going to travel without Mike's dragon. To Jovan's dismay, he realised his spear of storms was missing.
He panicked, "Oh no! Where'd my staff gone?! The staff is the most powerful staff of all and there's a chance that it can pull the other two greater weapons of power!"
"Oh come on, it must be those flippin' nindroids again," Jordan suggested.
"Okay, so whatever happened to my dragon again?" Mike asked, forgetting what John said.
"Grrr... didn't I say it before? Your dragon was too big for that ninja to bring your dragon in here," John explained.
"Oh... guess I forgot... eh heh heh heh..." Mike replied, embarrassed.
"I think I know where Mike's dragon is. Follow me," Nicholas instructed. Using a special move that can detect where certain objects are with a certain element, he touched Mike's hand and waved his hand and a path formed in front of Nicholas's eyes.
"Follow me," he said, showing the signal. After travelling for awhile, they finally found Mike's dragon, who was resting in a dragon vet stable. Mike ran to it and hugged it.
"Aw my dragon! I thought I'd never see you again!" Mike exclaimed. The dragon also smiled at Mike. A person wearing a black ninja gi, a red hood, had thick eyebrows and has a muscular body walked towards Mike and told him, "Your dragon has recovered. You may take him back."'
"Well now that's done, let's go to the nindroids HQ to get back the greater weapons of power!" Jovan ordered.
"Yes sensei!" the ninjas obeyed.
Chapter 6: New nindroids and new defenses
Flying to the nindroids' HQ on the dragon, the ninjas decided to take an alternate route to the nindroids HQ, since they were well aware of the lasers installed at the main way and they definitely don't want to be shot by those again, they made a trip to the nindroid's HQ by another route, which was from the back. The trip went smoothly without interruption. They sneaked into the nindroids HQ and avoided being seen, but not for long. A nindroid found the ninjas hiding behind a box with the tech nindroids' weaponary and started shooting at them. The ninjas dodged easily by rolling out of the way, but because of rolling out of their hiding spot, they caught the attention of other nindroids and all the other nindroids shot at them. Outnumbered, Nicholas made some steam to blind the nindroids to allow enough time for them to escape that group of nindroids and ran towards the throne. However, nindroids in white suits holding a staff blocked the ninjas' way, standing in a fighting stance. One of the white suit nindroids, with artificial human skin, told the ninjas, "Flee, you humans. FLEE! You will never get what you are pursuing in here!"
"Oh really? You'll be taking back those words of yours when we utterly defeat you!" Jovan boasted, standing in a fighting stance. The ninjas followed suit. Then they fought. Clashes of weapons were heard. Thunder was heard as the white suited nindroids used their staff to summon a thunderstorm. Pointing at where the ninjas were, lightning strike down on them and they were electrocuted for the moment. With that, the nindroids left back to their room. When the ninjas woke up, an announcement came over the HQ's intercom, telling all nindroids are to be put into a cell for their stasis mode. The nindroids, including the tech nindroids, obeyed and did what was said. The cells came out and opened, the nindroids went in and were set into stasis mode and the cell closed and was pulled back into the HQ's walls. Befuddled, Jordan asked, "What is going on?!"
"Even I don't know," Jovan replied. An announcement came up on the HQ's intercom again, saying, "HQ transformation"
"Well I supposed that cleared our questions up, this HQ's gonna transform!" Mike grumbled.
"But we're-" the HQ shakes, "we're still in here!"
"All humans pushed out from the HQ," another announcement came by. Then, flat, swing walls popped out of nowhere and hit all of the ninjas out of the HQ. The HQ then transformed into a mecha.
"I suppose you didn't expect my new creations, do you, ninjas?" Wrytar said with a grin on his face.
"Goodness me! How are we gonna fight that thing?! It's so huge!" Jordan whined.
"Well, that means we have to go big," Jovan answered.
"B-b-but how? We have nothing as big as that!" Nicholas questioned, bewildered.
"There's only one way..." Jovan replied, not telling anymore. He pointed to the back of the now mecha headquarters and showed the sign of following him. 
Chapter 7: The plan
The ninjas then followed him to what seemed like an old rundown house.
"Sensei, why are we-" John was cut off by Jovan when Jovan showed him the sign to stop.
"Yes, I know what you are thinking. You'll see what I'm up to," Jovan assured John. Ringing the bell on the shop, a young man came out. He had somewhat of a serpentine body, while with a human head and a blue helmet. He introduced himself as Ace.
"Erm... sensei... why is he having a serpentine body... and... you know..." John stammered.
"Well it was just a shirt and pants I pulled off for a halloween party and I've been wearing it since then. And this store was actually an old store that I took over to sell mechas of all sizes-" Ace was interrupted by Sensei Jovan.
"Can you do us a favour and make a huge mecha, now?" Jovan asked.
"Sure! Though... what do you need it for?" Ace agreed to his request.
"Well I suppose you can see that mecha in a distance?" Jovan told Ace, "Well we need a mecha as big as that one to fight it."
"Wow, that mecha's quite huge to be able to see in such a far distance and still look so big. I may not be able to make the mecha that huge. I may have to make smaller mechs to combine into one big mecha and, I know it's an emergency, but it's my loss to use up so much metal and I get nothing paid," Ace told Jovan. Jovan then agreed and gave some money to Ace before he started working on building the mechas. After a day, the mechas were finally finished and ready. Five average size mechas were in their view and everyone said different comments.
"Woah! That's cool!"
"I know right? It's just awesome!"
"Wow, that looks good."
"Where does it combine?"
"Those are some beautifully designed mechas."
With those comments, Ace blushed. He had never heard such praises before. Then, he told all of the ninjas how the mechas can combine into one and the ninjas set off, ready to defeat the huge headquarters mecha. However, because of the building delays, the mecha had did quite a destruction to the forest trees. While flying in their mechas, Jovan detected the HQ mecha on his radar. Looking up on the screen, it shows the HQ mecha right in front of him. After that, the ninjas combined their mechas to make it just as large as the HQ mecha. Detecting an enemy behind, Wrytar stopped the mecha, the combined mecha behind stopping as well. Wrytar then boosts his mecha's speed, causing smoke behind which blinds them for a moment, long enough for Wrytar to escape. The battle continues for a long time and no one concedes defeat. Finally, there was a air mecha battle that didn't last long. Wrytar had sent out five average size mechas to intercept the ninjas before he put the HQ out of mecha mode. Then, all of the nindroids were released and opened fire at the ninjas. Having not enough manpower, the ninjas split their mechas apart and started fighting individually. However, they were still utterly outnumbered by the army on the ground, so all of their mechs were destroyed. However, the ninjas used the eject system so as to not be killed in their mechs. They floated down to the ground. Everyone was in a fighting stance. They had their weapons ready. And they fought. All of the ninjas shouted, "NINJAGO!" and coloured tornados surrounded the ninjas. The nindroids lost badly against this move. Later, the white nindroids were sent out and those nindroids could also do spinjitzu as well. Though with the same amount of manpower, the white nindroids still defeated the ninjas. While John was about to hit a white nindroid away to clear a path for him, the white nindroid summoned lightning upon him and he was electrocuted. The other ninjas stood up and fought again, but they still lost. Not giving up, they kept trying to fight them, but they were too strong. Soon, John regained consciousness and joined in the group. Nicholas made some smoke to blind the white nindroids long enough for the ninjas to get into the headquarters to finally get their weapons back
Chapter 8: Weapons retrieved
Being as quiet as they could, the ninjas were sliding against the walls to avoid being seen. Several passing nindroids didn't see them, however, one of the passing nindroids found something amiss and turned to look at the walls. However, the ninjas have ran to other places to hide so he thought there wasn't any enemies nearby. The nindroid had walked past them and the ninjas continued doing what they did. They managed to get past all of the passing nindroids, but one... which was Dyno. He had more heightened senses than all other nindroids, making him an exceptionally good tracker. While walking past them, he sensed something amiss, so he looked at the walls. Knowing he can't be wrong, he looked behind objects the ninjas could possibly hide at. Indeed, it was true that the ninjas were hiding behind some other boxes around the nindroids' headquarters. Immediately, his robot claw on his robot arm folded in and the hole became a cannon for him to shoot lasers. Fortunately, the ninjas dodged. They took out their weapons, ready to fight. To prevent other nindroids from interrupting, Dyno put up a invisible shield behind himself and the ninjas.
"Let's fight," Dyno grinned. Then, the 5 ninjas started fighting Dyno, who had easily blocked them off and hit them right onto the shields. The nindroids at the other side of the shields were protesting to want to join in the fun. Ignoring them, Dyno continuously tortured the ninjas, rendering them unable to fight. Ha, that was easy, Dyno thought. Then, he lowered the shields and got the nindroids to continue with whatever they were doing before the HQ transformation, which means the tech nindroids would be going back to work on the basic headquarter defenses. After Dyno left and was completely out of sight, the ninjas stood up and dusted themselves.
"Whew, that was a clever trick, sensei," John whispered to Jovan.
"Well this is quite a classic, I must say. Faking dead in front of your enemies," Jovan said quietly, loud enough for the other ninjas to hear, soft enough for the nindroids to not hear, "Let's continue with sneaking in." The ninjas obeyed and continued with their plan.
Meanwhile, the steam finally cleared at where the white nindroids were standing.
"Hey! Where did the ninjas go?!" One of the white nindroids asked.
The leader, with the artificial human skin, replied, "They must have fled with the mighty power of ours." After the conversation, hundreds of tech nindroids ran out, automatically splitting themselves into half to work on each side's defenses.
"Woah, that's one crowd," another white nindroid commented.
In the HQ, the ninjas were still trying to get close to General Wrytar's throne. Within an hour, the ninjas had gotten quite close to Wrytar's throne, but there seems to be an invisible force blocking the ninjas from going in.
"Come on... there must be someway to deactivate this thing!" Mike murmured. John looked near the force field and saw a place which they can turn on and off the force field.
"Hey, guys, I thought you'd like to see this," John whispered to them, pointing to the buttons on the wall. The ninjas went over there and started inspecting it. They were more than sure they couldn't just press the button when they'r an enemy. Then, Jovan spotted some scribbles beside the device which read,"Put your finger on the finger scanner. It will scan for who you are first before you are allowed to use the controls.(The finger scanner is red in colour)" After reading it, a nindroid spotted them and went to fight them, but John took it down with ease. Suddenly, he got an idea.
"Hey, what about we take out that dead nindroid's hand and put it on the finger scanner and press the buttons? That way, we'll not be noticed!" John suggested, speaking in a low voice.
"Good idea. Take the nindroid you just defeated's hand out," Jovan instructed John. Then, John took the nindroid's hand out and put it on the finger scanner. The voice on the device said, "Access granted." Then, using the nindroid's hand, John used it to press the off button and the force field lowered. Fortunately, Wrytar was doing something else and not sitting on his throne. The ninjas quietly stole the three weapons and made a run out of the throne, but taking the weapons off where they were had them accidentally set off the alarm.
In Wrytar's control room, he heard the alarm. 
"Initiate HQ lock down, Dyno!" Wrytar commanded.
"Yes general!" Dyno obeyed and pressed the HQ lock down button. Then, lockdown walls came down upon the ninjas and they had to dodge them while fleeing. As the alarm was set off, nindroid warriors were alerted as well and came out off rooms they were in, blocking the ninjas' path. Desperate, John put five rows of vines onto the ceiling and the ninjas swung their way out of the headquarters before lock down was completed. However, because of the nindroid warriors there, Wrytar had to get Dyno to pause lock down. Then, he told the nindroid warriors to get out of the way and he told Dyno to reverse lock down, since he knew the ninjas had fled. 
"Grrrrr.... WHEN WILL THOSE NINJAS STOP INTERFERING WITH MY PLANS?!!!!" General Wrytar roared in anger.
The ninjas outside had got out, but had to deal with the white nindroids again.
"You're not going anywhere with those weapons. They belong to General Cryptor," the leader spoke up. None of the ninjas replied to his remark, and Nicholas just made steam to blind them and they rode their dragon to a camp they set up, since going back to the dojo would take a long time. They chatted for awhile before going to sleep to set off for their next weapon: The staff of nature.
Mike, ninja of lava
Jordan, ninja of water
John, ninja of nature
Nicholas, ninja of steam
Mysterious ninja
Jovan, ninja/sensei of storms
Ace, the mecha builder
Unnamed ninja with red hood, black ninja gi and a muscular body-hired by the Mysterious ninja to take care of Mike's injured dragon.
General Wrytar: The leader of the nindroids
Dyno: Second in command of the nindroids
Several white nindroids
A white nindroid with artificial human skin
Tech nindroids: Nindroids who work on tech
Nindroid army
That's it for now and I hoped you enjoyed the story!

Written by Lynn

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